Review: Eisley – Currents

Eisley - Currents

Last time we checked in with Eisley, the band was exploring the deep space with its very good extended play of the same name. During the time between that and its latest Equal Vision release, Currents, a lot has happened internally and externally. Some things stayed the same (the band recorded once again in its home studio; they still have an ear for incredibly melodies and hooks), some changed, at least in each member’s personal life (there were a lot of babies in the studio; the band is facing controversy from its failed Kickstarter campaign). But forget all that for now, as the only thing that matters is if the DuPree gang would continue its trend of releasing atmospheric indie-pop gems.

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Review: Eisley – Deep Space

Eisley - Deep Space

After exorcising past demons and embracing new directions on their stellar 2011 release The Valley, Eisley decided to go back to their roots somewhat (while taking some of that new found edge on The Valley) on their brand new EP Deep Space. Recorded and produced by the band (along with engineer/mixer Andy Freeman) in their hometown of Tyler, Texas, the DuPree clan (Stacy, Sherri, Chauntelle, Garron, and Weston) were inspired by the works of sci-fi novelist Ray Bradbury and turned a five-song EP into a remarkable love story set in space that fully enraptures you. 

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Review: Eisley – Combinations

Eisley - Combinations

oppa and Momma DuPree have got to be some of the proudest parents around. Their children have just released one of the better albums of 2007. Hailing from Tyler, Texas, the four DuPree siblings (Chauntelle, Sherri, Stacy, and Weston) and one DuPree cousin (Garron) make up Eisley, one of the finer piano-rock bands making music today. In 2005, they released Room Noises on Warner/Reprise Records, which was received warmly by critics and fans alike and generate some buzz for the quintet. While it was nothing outside the norm of the genre, it was good for what it was. Now in 2007, Eisley have just released their second album on Warner/Reprise, titled Combinations, which proves to be their best work to date. Produced by Richard Gibbs, the ten track album clocks in just under 40 minutes, with no track going over 4 minutes. Each track is composed beautifully, mixing pop sensibilities with bolder moves and noises that help take Eisley outside the constraints of the genre. 

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