Bemis Family Start Kickstarter

Max and Sherri Bemis have started a Kickstarter to release four albums:

This isn’t just about one album even in the literal sense. We want to give the world FOUR albums and stream them for free regardless of who backs this Kickstarter. One full length LP, two and one of indeterminate length. All created by the Bemis family. So that would be the Perma album, the first solo Sherri Dupree-Bemis album, my first solo album (the first release by me since Say Anything recently stopped), and the first release by our girls’ indie rock project, which they’ve titled FLOWER PETAL FLOWER ROSE.

Sherri DuPree Talks About New Eisley Album


Sherri DuPree of Eisley sat down with Alternative Press to talk about the band’s upcoming album:

Ever since I was a kid, this has been our band. Eisley has just been such a big part of my life. I’ve never wanted to do a solo project or anything like that. I felt like writing the songs under a different name would just be confusing and pointless, just because I have a certain style, and that style is Eisley.

I’m a very sentimental person, too, so that was probably some of it. When faced with losing [Eisley], I was just kind of shellshocked. I never saw there being an end to this in my life. It’s just everything that I want to do creatively, so I feel very, very blessed that I had everyone on the record rallying around me, and lifting me up, and being like, “You can do this.” Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have pushed through.

Review: Eisley – Currents

Eisley - Currents

Last time we checked in with Eisley, the band was exploring the deep space with its very good extended play of the same name. During the time between that and its latest Equal Vision release, Currents, a lot has happened internally and externally. Some things stayed the same (the band recorded once again in its home studio; they still have an ear for incredibly melodies and hooks), some changed, at least in each member’s personal life (there were a lot of babies in the studio; the band is facing controversy from its failed Kickstarter campaign). But forget all that for now, as the only thing that matters is if the DuPree gang would continue its trend of releasing atmospheric indie-pop gems.

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