Emery – “To Serve and Protect” Video


Emery teamed up with Aaron Sprinkle for a new song (and video) in response to the murder of George Floyd and the protests across the country:

This week we were stirred to action and inspired by the global community’s response to George Floyd’s murder. We’ve often and in this case been too slow to see the perspectives of others, so in this case we have attempted to do what we can to help the cause of ending police violence. Our little team here at Emery worked together to see if we could write a song and produce the music and video to express some of the anger and confusion that we feel. We asked our favorite musical collaborator and pal Aaron Sprinkle to be involved and also sing on the track. The process was about 4 days long and this video includes footage shot and sent to us by the members of Emeryland Community and The BadChristian Club from who attended protests all around the world in order to make their voices heard and because black lives matter. 

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Emery Launch Indiegogo Campaign


Emery have launched an Indiegogo campaign for their new album:

We’ve estimated our basic costs again at $50,000, the same goal we had for YWNA. Of course, you guys crushed this goal last time. We pressed tons of expensive vinyl, paid for recording, mixing, mastering, travel, art, manufacturing, packing and shipping of all the products. After doing it once, we’re better at it, and we think we can get an even a better record out faster with your help.

Review: Emery – …In Shallow Seas We Sail

Emery - ...In Shallow Seas We Sail

After the hot mess that was I’m Only A Man, and the inconsistent EP While Broken Hearts Prevail, it was probably fairly easy to forget about Emery. But that EP was a crucial stepping-stone to bringing the post-hardcore quintet back to prominence. Laying down tracks such as “The Smile, The Face,” and “Edge of The World” proved that Emery could still deliver quality tracks. And that they do, plus more, on their fourth album, …In Shallow Seas We Sail. Masterfully produced by Aaron Sprinkle, the thirteen track album features crisp musicianship, incorporating the melodic heaviness that drew us to love Emery in the first place. 

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Review: Emery – I’m Only A Man

Emery - I'm Only A Man

You don’t want to read about my history with Emery just like I don’t want to read about how they changed your life way back when (soon after, you bought a sick t-shirt, I’m sure). Let’s just stick to the present, then. The merit and quality of I’m Only A Man has been hotly debated around these parts. With each new song posted more people dug a line in the sand and seemed to say, “I’m biased enough to not care,” or “Can’t wait for that new Spoken disc to drop!” We’re all familiar with Emery’s formula by now – I use that word because of how predictable the songwriting can be – the melodies dominate beginnings of songs while some unintelligible shrieking finishes out the tracks with moderately discordant riffs. Expect no different here. All we are left with is the illusion of intensity, repetitions of semi-heaviness. Why people (myself included) can look over such glaring flaws is hard to explain (I mean, catchiness can only take a person so far). On second thought, maybe we should be reminiscing.

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