Review: Out Of Service – Reflections and Refractions: Volume One

Typically when most bands decide to make an acoustic record, it’s to re-record some of their old hits or re-imagine the possibilities of where they could take their songs in their discography. Out of Service is not like most bands. When the time came for lead vocalist Mike Capuano and guitarist Teebs Williams to begin thinking about their fourth album, they were unsure if the songs that they were writing would be best suited for this project. The tracks they were cooking up were largely based in the acoustic style, and yet through their picturesque storytelling and song structures, they all seemed to fit the continued narrative of the band. By the time that bassist Brian McGovern and drummer Ken Bond had heard what would become the bones of Reflections & Refractions: Volume One, they were convinced that these songs belonged under the umbrella of Out of Service. With everyone on board, the band spent nearly three months carving out these songs and recording them Perkins Center for the Arts, a nearly 100-year old building. The recording process was done in the living room that had wooden boards that helped accentuate the reflective and refractive sound of these songs. While the acoustic side of some bands feels a little forced and lacking of theatrics, Out of Service embrace this challenge head on and continue to explore the limitless possibilities of their music.

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Review: Out of Service – “Folk 1”

On the latest offering from emo rock band Out of Service, called simply “Folk 1,” the band highlights a different side of themselves. The track features soft-spoken vocals from Mike Capuano, over a campfire-styled acoustic guitar layered with some banjo too. The single unfolds well at the two-minute mark as the band comes to a crescendo while adding in some vocal harmonies to complement Capuano’s delivery. The track comes from the yet-to-be-announced new record that Out of Service have been working on that approaches the emo genre in a unique way. The guitar tones added by Teebs Williams mesh well off of the cymbal crashes by Ken Bond, while Brian McGovern adds in some contextual rhythm on the bass line. If you’ve been looking forward to Out of Service experimenting with a more rustic sound, “Folk 1” should be a welcome discovery to add to your latest playlist.

Out Of Service Reissue ‘Burden’ On Vinyl

Out of Service

Starting today, Burden, Out of Service’s second full-length album, is being reissued on a limited vinyl pressing remaster via Enjoy the Ride Records. This remastered version will only be available on this physical release of the album. Emmy-winning composer/producer Dave Marino’s remaster breathes new perspective into each track. A remastered version of “Shelter,” a bonus single, is also included for the first time in this pressing. Burden is a concept album that draws on themes of anxiety, depression, mental health treatment, and living your daily life in the midst of these things. It is a synthesis of the band’s raw emotional energy and indie sensibilities. The first single, “Stories”, features Madeline Finn (Envoi) who blends her soaring vocals to amplify the emotive energy of the song. The album was produced and mixed by Nathan Hussey (All Get Out). The artwork was painted by Mike Capuano, the band’s lead singer. If you would like to purchase the vinyl, please visit the Enjoy The Ride Records store here.

Review: Out Of Service – The Ground Beneath Me

On the third full-length record from emo rockers Out of Service, they’ve clearly got a lot on their collective minds. The Ground Beneath Me takes on weighty topics like mortality, racial prejudice, and the loss of close relationships, yet it never gets too bogged down by the heaviness of the lyrical material. The set was produced and mixed by Nathan Hussey (All Get Out), who additionally lends his vocal talents to the track called “The Fall,” and was mastered by Emmy award winner Dave Marino. The album also features key guest vocal contributions from John Nolan (Straylight Run, Taking Back Sunday) and Emery, and it feels like Out of Service have earned these worthy collaborations through their steadfast dedication to perfecting their craft. Coming off of the worthy success of their sophomore effort Burden, and a teaser single called “Shelter,” Out of Service are becoming the best versions of themselves on The Ground Beneath Me.

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Interview: Out Of Service

Out of Service

Recently I was able to hop onto a Zoom call with the emo rock band Out of Service, and we discussed their recently released single called “What You See” that features John Nolan (Taking Back Sunday/Straylight Run), their upcoming touring plans, and most importantly their finishing touches on their third full-length record called The Ground Beneath Me. Out of Service is comprised of Teebs Williams (guitar), Mike Capuano (vocals), Ken Bond (drums), and Brian McGovern (bass). The upcoming album will be released on Enjoy The Ride Records on June 3rd, and the vinyl will be available for purchase at the same time as the digital release date.

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‘Rock Show: A 20th Anniversary Tribute’ to Blink-182’s ‘TOYPAJ’

TOYPAJ Tribute

Releasing today is a great compilation of covers of Blink-182’s classic Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (TOYPAJ) album that has all Bandcamp proceeds from the record going directly to Mark Hoppus’ fundraiser for Cedars-Sinai blood cancer research. The compilation takes on thirteen of the Blink-182 songs found on the legendary pop-punk album, and features several scene favorites like The Republic of Wolves, ManDancing, and Out of Service. Please consider streaming the album and/or making a donation to the Cedars-Sinai blood cancer research fundraiser.

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Review: Out of Service – Shelter

The last time I sat down to write about one of my favorite and newest emo bands called Out of Service, I fell head over heels with being enamored by their debut Burden. Fast forward to 2021, and I am given a massive clue of new music on the horizon when I tagged the band in a post about new and exciting emo bands that pack plenty of musicianship, and none of that nasty controversy. Once I had this single for “Shelter” fall into my lap, I must’ve played the track at least three of four times to appreciate its slow-building beauty and great song structure. Now that the single has been released into the world as of yesterday, I can only imagine how everyone will be receiving the news of this band’s triumphant return. Out of Service are back, and sound as focused and as poised as they’ve ever been.

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Review: Out of Service – Burden

Out of Service - BURDEN

On the new album from the South Jersey/Philadelphia band Out of Service, they do a great job of encapsulating the feelings of living with depression, getting help, and coming to terms with living with a mental illness. The wide range of emotions that a person can go through when they realize they aren’t “feeling right” can be both shocking and heartbreaking at the same time, and Out of Service realizes this is a process. In fact, as a person like me who struggles with depression from time to time, Burden spoke to me more than I thought it would from the very first listen.

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