Hawthorne Heights

Hawthorne Heights

Hawthorne Heights Launch Patreon

Hawthorne Heights have launched a Patreon:

We have heard many of you ask this question. “When are you going to do another Hawthorne Heights Explains It All Podcast?” If we reach 250 patrons, then we will continue the podcast in either audio or live video format. When we really start ramping up the songwriting, it is hard to dedicate the 5 hours per week to get a quality podcast. With your support, we could utilize some of the funds for a better set up, that will allow us to be able to record remotely in places that aren’t just HHHQ,

Hawthorne Heights Release Documentary

Hawthorne Heights have released Die Colorful, a documentary about the making of their latest album, Bad Frequencies.

Singer and Guitarist JT Woodruff shares “While writing and tracking Bad Frequencies, we set up some cameras to see what would happen. We let it unfold, naturally and organically, as the album began to bloom on camera and in session. Set to a musical score and spoken word passages meant to melt away anxiety and stress, Die Colorful is a journey into the making of Bad Frequencies, from our point of view.”

Track-by-Track With Hawthorne Heights

Hawthorne Heights did a track-by-track breakdown of their new album over at Alternative Press:

Why do people focus on the two bad times they had out of a hundred good times? I don’t know if it’s just within our nature as human beings. It’s just like all this static comes in, and no matter how beautiful the radio sounds, you always focus on that one little tiny bit of static. You let the bad frequencies creep into your life when really you should just be focusing how good and golden everything is.