Evan Boyer – “The Devil In Me” (Album Stream)

Evan Boyer

Today I’m so excited to share an early listen to the talented artist, Evan Boyer, and his first album The Devil In Me. The record was produced by Bradley Prakope and showcases Boyer’s attention to intricate details in his songwriting. When asked about the sprawling opening track called “Mockingbird and Monticello” Boyer shared:

What’s interesting about the first track is that I started writing the song when I was going through a breakup in 2014. But then we got back together so I stopped writing it after the first chorus, and I hadn’t even thought about it for years. So, fast-forward to 2022, we’re married now, and I’m writing my album, and my wife mentions that I should go back and try and finish that song. So, I ended up writing the second half of the song through a totally different perspective, and I think it’s just a unique song for me because it’s coming from two very different points in my life.

If you’re enjoying the early listen to The Devil In Me, please consider pre-ordering the vinyl here. I was also able to catch up with Evan Boyer for a brief interview below.

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