Evan Boyer – “The Devil In Me” (Album Stream)

Evan Boyer

Today I’m so excited to share an early listen to the talented artist, Evan Boyer, and his first album The Devil In Me. The record was produced by Bradley Prakope and showcases Boyer’s attention to intricate details in his songwriting. When asked about the sprawling opening track called “Mockingbird and Monticello” Boyer shared:

What’s interesting about the first track is that I started writing the song when I was going through a breakup in 2014. But then we got back together so I stopped writing it after the first chorus, and I hadn’t even thought about it for years. So, fast-forward to 2022, we’re married now, and I’m writing my album, and my wife mentions that I should go back and try and finish that song. So, I ended up writing the second half of the song through a totally different perspective, and I think it’s just a unique song for me because it’s coming from two very different points in my life.

If you’re enjoying the early listen to The Devil In Me, please consider pre-ordering the vinyl here. I was also able to catch up with Evan Boyer for a brief interview below.

Talk to us about your new album. What was the “aha” moment that you realized you had the songs for the album? What inspired you to record it?

When I went into the studio to record my first single, “Hearts on Fire,” we had some extra time on the floor. The guys and I started messing around with other stuff I had written. That’s really the moment when I realized I wanted to put out these songs for other people to hear.

What does the album mean to you? What do you hope that it means to those who listen to it?

This album means a lot to me. I’ve written songs casually and for myself most of my life. Getting into the studio and working with such talented people to bring these songs to life – it’s just really cool. I’ve got two young kids. Even if no one else beyond my family ever heard this music, I often tell my wife how proud I am that they will be able to listen to these songs long after I’m gone. For other people listening to it, I hope they hear something they can relate to and that they find some joy or comfort in these songs.

Your lyrics are fantastic, and you tell a story well. Do you have a favorite lyric line (or several) from any of the songs on the album? Why do they stand out for you?

There is a lyric on the track “Sweet Mary” that says, “I’m feeling old, but I’m the youngest version of myself that you’ll ever know, so I’ll take it slow.” It’s the lyric that probably has the most truth. And while other lines on the album have a lot of truth, this one is eye-opening. When my guitarist, Tyler, first heard that lyric, he told me how much it resonated with him and how deep it really is. It’s just a truth about life.

How did you select the album title? What do you think it means for you, and also what do you hope it conveys about the album?

I think it encapsulates the general vibe of the album. For me, it’s really about embracing my flaws and dealing with that devil inside of me. It’s not a negative thing. I don’t want anyone to take it like that. It’s just about me and the things I’ve struggled with and still do. People all have flaws; I may have more than others. 

Some of the topics you write about are pretty deep and personal, or at least they feel pretty personal. Talk to us a little bit about your songwriting process and how you go about penning a song. Was there a standout songwriting moment on any of the songs on this album?

My songwriting process looks different for every song. Sometimes, I get a lyric in my head and will just come back to it over time until the song comes together. Other times, it starts with a few chords. I am not the type of songwriter who can sit down and force myself to write during a specific time or in a specific place. The moment has to come together at the right time with the right idea. But, yeah… my songs are personal. Almost every song on the album has some truth to it or parallel to my life. 

What was the album recording session like? 

Oh, it was amazing. I recorded most of the album at Panhandle House in Denton, TX. That studio is top-notch. Bradley Prakope (Shane Smith and the Saints, The Lowdown Drifters), my producer, was a total rockstar in the studio. He adds that extra level that I personally wouldn’t be able to bring. It was an amazing time with some truly talented musicians who gave life to my songs.

Is there a song you’d like to direct our readers to listen to. Why do you want them to hear that song? 

”The Devil in Me.” There is just so much we put into that song. It was more than any other track, including the percussion done by Mike Meadows (Hayes Carll); we brought in a gospel choir, the background vocals by Paige Hill. Everything came together in a special way in that song. 

What else do you have coming up that you’d like to share with our readers?

I’m playing with one of my songwriting idols, Adam Hood, coming up on June 13th in Anna, TX. The album release show for The Devil in Me is coming up on Saturday, June 29th at Sundown at Granada in Dallas, TX. Tickets are available on my website. And, I go on tour with my buddy, Tim Lightyear, this summer – we’re doing a bunch of acoustic shows throughout Texas and Oklahoma.