Interview: John Feldmann of Goldfinger


This past week I was able to catch up with the ultra-busy leader of Goldfinger, John Feldmann, to discuss the band’s recent re-release of Never Look Back (Deluxe). In this in-depth interview, John and I discussed the legacy of Goldfinger, as well as what lessons he has learned over the years of being a veteran producer. Never Look Back (Deluxe) features great re-worked versions of Goldfinger classics like “Superman” ft. Simon Neil (Biffy Clyro) and “Here In Your Bedroom” ft. Avril Lavigne, among many other great tracks in the 19-song set. Never Look Back (Deluxe) is available everywhere music is sold/streamed today.

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Goldfinger – “Wallflower”

Goldfinger have shared the new single “Wallflower” and talked with AltPress about an upcoming album:

“Wallflower” came to be… I was at the end of writing this record, which I think we’re gonna call Don’t Look Back. We’re still in the process of deciding an album title. But I came to the end of it. And my manager, my wife and my label, these people were like, “You know, maybe we have something.” There are a couple of songs that people were considering. But I’m like, “Fuck it. If we’re not 100%, let me write a song specifically for the idea of a single.” Give the fucking people what they want—give me what I want. Because I am in a ska-punk band. No matter how you break it down: We play ska, we play punk and that’s what we do. I’m gonna write a quintessential half-time jumpy chorus.

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