Hayley Talks About Next Paramore Album

Hayley talked a little about the upcoming Paramore album on her podcast:

We started working on new material as a band over the last year and a half – you know, the three of us, Zac, Taylor and I – and I just want to say it, I don’t even feel like it gives away very much…Bloc Party, from day one, was the number one reference because, it was like, there was such an urgency to their sound that was different from the fast punk or the pop punk or the loud wall-of-sound emo bands that were happening in the early 2000s. They had their own thing and it was so unique and so dynamic and it really stuck with us and I’m really really thankful for this band. I’m so thankful that they’re back and playing shows. They’re putting out great songs and it just makes me feel even more excited to get back out into the world and maybe cross paths with a band that has been a huge part of our story since day one.

Hayley Williams on Song Start Podcast

Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams is on the latest episode of Spotify’s Song Start show.

Solo artist and Paramore front-woman Hayley Williams shares how mental health affects our creative muscles, and the way she’s strengthened  those muscles over the course of her almost two-decade long career. She shares tools, tips, and wisdom on how to best prepare and protect oneself from the pitfalls of burnout.

Hayley Williams Interview With American Songwriter

Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams talked with American Songwriter about her latest album:

For all the beauty she’s uncovered, Williams holds herself accountable, especially in her darkest, most harrowing moments—emotionally and physically. “Good Grief” plays upon far more than her psychological state, digging into the very real, often frightening, physiological effects of grief that we often ignore. There’s no such thing as good grief / Haven’t eaten in three weeks, she sings. Skin and bones when you’re not near me / I’m all skeleton and melody.

In its countless forms, grief can wreak havoc on the body, from an inability to get out of bed to forgetting to eat, and Williams’ awareness of her own cycles has been illuminating. “It’s hard for me to have perspective on my own grief when I’m going through it. I’m so thankful I’ve been home and that I have a family that’s honest,” she says. “My mom calls me out on things with love. It’s the same with my small circle of friends. We’re honest with each other. We tell each other when we notice somebody’s slipping.

“I wouldn’t go as far to say I have an eating disorder. When I’m really sad, I’m not hungry. It’s amazing what depression or various forms of grief can do to a person. You do forget how physical it is. When I’m talking about mental wellness, you have to look for physical signs, too,” she continues. “Your body is usually such a wise instrument. It’s so technical, and it can tell you things and reveal things to you. When I’m disconnected from my physical body, that’s when I’m not connected mentally either.”

This will apparently be the last interview she does for this album cycle, for now.

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