Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams

Director Warren Fu Talks to MTV About ‘Petals for Armor’

Warren Fu, the director of Hayley Williams’s recent videos, talked with MTV about the project:

Williams’s initial notes to Fu revealed that she wanted to have “unexpected combinations of beautiful and grotesque imagery.” She also gave Fu the seed moment that would define the rest of the video: “eating oysters while taking a bath.” This idea played a large part in the video for “Cinnamon,” in which Williams gets chased by creepy house-made creatures who she eventually dances with in an ecstatic display of emotional unshackling.

Hayley Williams on Making Her Fashion Week Debut

Rachel Hahn, writing for Vogue:

Each season, Taymour carefully curates the artists whom she works with, based on both their shared values and their genuine interest in the brand. Last spring rising New York singer-songwriter Zsela performed alongside a verdant farmers market, while this season Taymour tapped Williams as well as Colombian-Canadian singer Tei Shi to take part in the show. “Hayley and I just met, but I was so impressed with her demeanor,” Taymour says. “She definitely has a similar energy to mine and was very easygoing…having people like that who are supportive of the brand makes the show much stronger because you can tell that they want to be there.”

Hayley Williams Talks With WMagazine

Hayley Williams talked with WMagazine after performing at New Work Fashion Week:

The ethos I think is summed up best in the title. Even if you just look at the words, ‘Petals’ and ‘Armor’ are so opposite from each other. For me, the mantra of fighting through life with a new sense of vulnerability is really important. But I think being soft like that, in my experience, requires me to be very realistic about things and find time to still hope. I think it’s been interesting going through therapy and learning a lot of things about myself and why my coping mechanisms are what they are, and all that. I just am drawn to dark narratives. I tend to cock my head and not really trust if things have this veneer. I like to earn things and I also like to know that what’s on the front of something isn’t all; I want to know that there’s stuff underneath there to dig into. Petals for Armor has a bit of all of it. There’s self deprecation, which I’m very good at. There’s also defiant angst and rage, but as it moves on it gets lighter. A bunch of real life shit.

Hayley Williams to Release New Music Next Year

Hayley Williams of Paramore has announced she’ll be releasing some new music next year that she’s going “to call her own.”

Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes. 30 was a very important year. 31 will be too.”

“I’m putting out some music next year. With the help of some of my closest friends, I made something I’m going to call my own. It’s a really special project and you’ll get a taste of it in January.

Happy New Year, friends. Hayley Williams

Hype train, activated.

Why Hayley Williams Is Starting a “Sanctuary of Self Love” at Bonnaroo

Courtney E. Smith, writing at Refinery 29:

Williams says the part of her new plaza she’s most looking forward to are panels she’s arranged, which span from education on CBD to a forum on sexual assault and the weight of that trauma. “The first time we started talking about the panels I was apprehensive because I wondered who would want to come to a festival to sit and listen to people talk?” Williams says. “But when I thought about the nature of community and connection being part of why people come to festivals in the first place — it’s to not only see their favorite artists, but to connect and feel.”