Julien Baker

Julien Baker

Julien Baker – “Decorated Lawns”

Julien Baker has debuted the new song, “Decorated Lawns,” over at 36 Vultures. It’s quite good.

“Decorated Lawns” recalls Julien moving back in with her parents, falling in love, and driving around with the one she loved around the Holidays. The song builds into this wonderful rally of “I loved you/I loved you/More than I hate me” that give you both butterflies and hit you in the base of your spine at once.

NPR Posts Up Full Julien Baker Set at Newport Folk Festival

NPR has released a live recording of Julien Baker’s performance at the Newport Folk Festival.

At Newport Folk, the 20-year-old Memphian filled the quad inside Fort Adams with plaintive folk songs and electric guitar. Midway through her set, Baker brought out Matthew Gilliam, her bandmate in Forrister, to add touches of atmospheric percussion to “Vessels” and “Brittle Boned.” But for the most part, it was just her ragged-edged voice and ringing Telecaster — and that was enough to win over the audience, who gave her multiple standing ovations. Particularly well received was “Good News,” which, as Baker explained, is about “thinking you ruin everything … and then figuring out that you don’t.”