Julien Baker Canceling Live Shows

Julien Baker

According to posts from two festivals, Julien Baker has canceled all of her upcoming live shows due to ongoing medical issues.

Unfortunately, Julien Baker has been forced to cancel planned concerts, including performance on the island. We have received this message from her booking agent: due to ongoing medical issues, Julien Baker will be cancelling all currently planned live shows.

Julien Baker Working on New Album

Julien Baker

Julien Baker talked with Uproxx about working on a new album:

I’m working on a new record through the end of this year. I’ve been making demos with friends in town, and traveling to visit friends who have studios in other places, and just taking my time on a record because the last two records that I put out were made in under a week because that’s the only way that I knew how to make records. So now I’m trying to accrue songs in a very organic way, and just see where it goes. But I’m probably going to be finishing up a record at the end of this year.

A Familiar Stranger

Julien Baker

Julien Baker, writing at Oxford American:

As she muses aloud about whether it’s better to raise a child to be compassionate but naive, or shrewd but callous, I think of my own tendency toward the willful naivety of a bleeding heart, the way it has been ironically challenging to the people I love most. I think of my partner’s concern when I would pick up hitchhikers, loan money I might never get back, miss important personal obligations because I felt I was morally moved to attend a march or demonstration protesting one of this administration’s innumerable injustices. I think of my mother negotiating the line between insulation and exposure, of the times when my fragile adolescent ego was wounded by the brass tacks she considered a vital part of education.