Less Than Jake

Chorus TV: Less Than Jake

Less Than Jake’s recent tour found the ever-reliable ska punk act doling out a career-spanning mix of fan favorites and deep cuts. Watch them open with “Automatic,” “Plastic Cup Politics,” and “Shindo” – along with accompanying irreverent stage banter and toilet paper guns – live from their stop at College Street Music Hall in New Haven, CT on April 16, 2019.

I shot and edited the footage with additional filming by Sam Swider.

Less Than Jake Create Threadless Shop

Less Than Jake have announced a new artist shop with Threadless.

We thought it would be great to bring back some classic t-shirt designs throughout the history of the band and be able to rotate designs in and out from past tours and fan favorites. Designs up this month might not be there the next but having this type of access to old art and new technology means we can keep things fresh for everyone.

Less Than Jake Interviews Bodyjar and Vice Versa

Roger Lima of Less Than Jake and Cam Baines of Bodyjar took turns interviewing each other for MusicFeeds:

I’m not sure, to be honest, we had a massive break-up that lasted 3 years until Descendents asked us to tour, so we got back together and made ‘Role Model’, which did well. Then for some reason, we decided to have more time off when we really should have maybe done another album quickly, but we never seem to do anything the right way; we prefer the hard and weird way of doing things. Besides, that having kids thing has been popular in our band, also I opened a skate shop called Locality Store in Melbourne.