NOFX – “Punk Rock Cliche”


NOFX have shared the new song “Punk Rock Cliche.” The song was originally written for Blink-182, according to a new interview with Fat Mike:

Well, it’s a song I wrote probably six years ago when I was staying on Matt Skiba’s couch — as one does. This is when he had just been asked to join Blink-182 and they were demoing songs for California. I said, “Hey, check this out.” I played the song, and I said “I think this would be a great Blink-182 song.” He worked on some of the lyrics with me — some of them were already written. It was the first time we wrote together. He brought it to the band, they recorded it, and a few weeks later, 

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Punk in Drublic Festival Announced


NOFX are set to headline four separate dates of the Punk in Drublic Craft Beer & Music Festival. The dates will be: March 19th (Mesa, Arizona), March 26th (San Diego), March 27th (Ventura, California), and May 7th (Sacramento, California).

Created from the mind and livers of NOFX’s frontman Fat Mike and craft beer fanatic / festival promoter, Cameron Collins, the Punk In Drublic Craft Beer & Music Festival will take place in various cities across the US and will  also be making some stops in Europe this summer.  These events featuring the best in punk rock music and regional craft beer.   Additional lineups and dates will release soon!  

Each festival date will feature up to three hours of craft beer tastings showcasing an impressive selection of craft beers, including some of the regions best and local favorites.