Fat Mike Talks Vegas Backlash

Fat Mike

Dan Ozzi sat down with Fat Mike for a new interview where he addresses the Las Vegas controversy last year:

You guys have been around since the 80s. Do you think your style of comedy can still work now?

Yeah, sure. I don’t know about the U.S. The U.S. is turning into some Puritan-Quaker country where everyone gets offended.

Do you think a band like NOFX could start up now?

I don’t know. The people defending me when I said that, it wasn’t very many people. The only two I can think of were Laura Jane [Grace] and Sick of It All. No one wanted to get on my side. No one wanted to touch us, which was why I wrote on the internet that we got banned in the U.S.

Fat Mike Talks With PunkNews

Fat Mike

Fat Mike sat down with PunkNews.org to talk about his recent Cokie the Clown album:

It makes me so happy because, some people hate it or hate me, or whatever, that’s going to happen. The people that like record, it touches them to their core. I was talking to Mikey Erg after the New York show, and Mikey was like, “I’ve listened to this record eight times today. This is maybe the best record I’ve ever heard.” Can you imagine how great that feels? I was talking to Josh of Queens of the Stone Age and he said the same thing, “this is one of the best records that I’ve ever heard.” It so fucking… I spent like a year and a half recording it.