Real Friends Cancel Upcoming International Tour

Real Friends

Real Friends have announced that they are canceling their upcoming tour to focus on mental health:

This has come recommended by both the band and my psychiatrist so I can have time to continue learning to live and deal with my diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Since coming home from recording, I am sober, on new medication, and undergoing an intensive outpatient group therapy program per the recommendation of my therapist.”

I am continuing to better myself so that Warped Tour this summer will be a fresh start for not only me, but for Real Friends as a whole. We all want to be the best possible versions of ourselves as individuals and in turn be the best possible version of Real Friends.

Allegations of Inappropriate Comments Surround Real Friends Member’s Dad

Real Friends

A woman has come forward to allege inappropriate comments were made by Kyle Fasel’s (Real Friends) father. Apparently Mr. Fasel attends shows often and drives fans around. The screen shots allege these comments started when the woman was 14.

Dan Lampton of the band has said they will be responding in more detail later today.

Update: The band have posted an update on Twitter. You can also read that below.

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