Real Friends

Allegations of Inappropriate Comments Surround Real Friends Member’s Dad

A woman has come forward to allege inappropriate comments were made by Kyle Fasel’s (Real Friends) father. Apparently Mr. Fasel attends shows often and drives fans around. The screen shots allege these comments started when the woman was 14.

Dan Lampton of the band has said they will be responding in more detail later today.

Update: The band have posted an update on Twitter. You can also read that below.


Chorus TV: Real Friends

Real Friends - Chorus TV

Real Friends’ recent “$5 Tour” gave fans a unique opportunity to see this young and blossoming group in intimate environments they have long since outgrown. From skate parks to record stores, the band gave back to their supporters and local scenes across the country by performing at small venues with tickets priced at just five bucks. I filmed their stop at an oversold VFW hall in middle-of-nowhere Upton, Massachusetts. They mentioned several times how supportive our state has been since they first started touring, so it was no surprise to learn that we had one of the most rambunctious crowds of the tour. I hope you enjoy the highlights of the band performing “Late Nights in My Car” and “I Don’t Love You Anymore.”