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For more than 15 years, fans of The Maine have enjoyed unique opportunities to interact with the artists. From a free “fan thank you” tour, to meeting every single fan at no cost after each show on tour, the artists consistently challenge themselves to connect authentically, organically and directly with fans.

”That return is something they will never forget, and I don’t think that most artists would put in that much effort. In return, our fans know us, and we know them, and that is what has allowed us to be on our ninth album when most bands only make four, maybe five records,” says Tim Kirch, owner and manager of The Maine’s Eighty One Twenty Three Management.

Review: The Maine – The Maine

The ninth studio album by The Maine is a self-titled effor that was produced by Colby Wedgeworth (the same producer who oversaw four other The Maine albums), and it’s easy to see why the band considers him a “sixth band member.” Having produced landmark records like Lovely Little Lonely and XOXO: From Love and Anxiety In Real Time, this self-titled album seems like the logical sequel to Lovely Little Lonely, so it’s only fitting for Wedgeworth to be at the helm. The new album also bears extra significance with the “8.1.23” street date, and showcases the band’s continued growth as songwriters. The first taste of The Maine came with the lead single, “Blame,” that even got the attention and adoration of The Jonas Brothers on Instagram. The pacing on the new record is electric and frenetic, while still allowing a few songs to brood in the darkness to fit the overall mood and aesthetic of the black & white album artwork. Having released two other singles leading up to today’s release date, “How To Exit A Room” and “Dose No. 2,” The Maine have a bulletproof record on their hands that is filled with a plethora of single-worthy songs that only prove the point of the band being on the top of their game, and quite possibly the world.

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