Simple Creatures Plan to Release More Music

Simple Creatures

Alex Gaskarth, talking to Loudwire:

”There absolutely will be more music and more Simple Creatures to come,” the All Time Low frontman teased. “We had all these plans, we had music kicking around. Then COVID hit, and it’s obviously shaken the year up and plans have had to change, naturally.”

”We need to kind of find that moment where we can get together in a studio and button up a couple of songs, and see where it goes from there,” he continued.

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Mark Hoppus Shares Some Blink-182 Updates


Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 did a little Q&A on Instagram over the weekend. He said they’re still working on the upcoming EP and that “Matt is going back into the studio with John to work on more songs. I think we have a tracklisting. We still need to finish these songs, get them mixed. We are a ways away still, but we are working on it.” And that he does not think they’re going to release a deluxe version of NINE:

There is no NINE deluxe at this point. The songs that we are going to release on this EP are not…When I think of a deluxe album, I think of the additional songs sometimes as songs that were thrown away or weren’t good enough to make the real album and so they are put on as bonus songs. We wrote new songs for the ‘California’ deluxe and I think that that stands on its own. But this one we are writing all new material and it didn’t feel like it was part of the NINE writing sessions. It felt like its own entity.

He also confirmed Matt is obviously still in the band (that was a fun week of conspiracy theories) and that there are bunch of Simple Creature songs that are waiting to be finalized and then released.

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Review: Simple Creatures – Everything Opposite

When I first got word of Mark Hoppus and Alex Gaskarth joining forces for a band that would become Simple Creatures, my reaction was that they would be able to play off of each other’s strengths as songwriters and musicians brilliantly. Little did I know that this side project of sorts would morph into one of my favorite electronica-driven new bands to come out of this decade. Twelve songs later into their debut in 2019, and we are left with a much better picture of who Simple Creatures are. Whereas Strange Love was an introduction to the band and what they were capable of, Everything Opposite finds Mark and Alex at their most confident, accomplished, and strongest.

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Alex Gaskarth Talks With RockSound

Simple Creatures

Alex Gaskarth talked with RockSound about the latest Simple Creatures’ EP:

There’s some really cool ideas floating out there in the big folder of potential Simple Creatures music, but I think as we’ve continued to write, the ethos and the sound of Simple Creatures is becoming more defined. At first, we were just kind of swinging and trying a lot of different things, and part of that process was finding out the voice of Simple Creatures and what that is. Now we’re a lot more familiar with the kind of music we want to make for this, I think when it comes time to making more music, I’m sure we’ll go back and end up pulling from some of that stuff. But I think the idea of continuing to innovate and keep it new is what excites me most about this project, so I imagine that’s where we’ll go with it.