Black Polish – “Streetsigns” (Song Premiere)

Black Polish

Today is a great day to share the news about Black Polish and their new single called “Streetsigns.” Black Polish is Jayden Nicole Binnix, and their sound transcends musical boundaries. They draw inspiration from bands like Paramore, Twenty One Pilots and Mitski, but their sound really needs to be heard to make your own judgement. ”‘Streetsigns’ speaks of wanting to escape your self destruction and be completely isolated free to do whatever you please,” Binnix explained. “It’s a love song for a place where responsibility doesn’t exist and guilt will never reside within you.” Black Polish will release their debut LP, Forest (Monsters Live In The Trees), via Riptide Music on January 26th. I was also able to catch up with this talented artist for a brief interview below.

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Chris Garneau – “Millions” (Song Premiere)

Chris Garneau

Today is a great day to share the new single from Chris Garneau called “Millions.” On this collaborative song with Garneau’s boyfriend, Marc Briz, a lyricist/fiction writer, Garneau channels the love they share into a vibrant single. Co-produced by Garneau and Dan Marcellus, “Millions” takes the listener on an enjoyable and thrilling ride. The song comes from Garneau’s new EP, Out of Love, that will be out everywhere is sold on December 8th. I was also able to catch up with Chris Garneau for a brief interview below.

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Observe The 93rd – “We Are Already Dead” (Song Premiere)

Observe the 93rd

Today I’m thrilled to bring everyone a great new single by emo/rock band Observe the 93rd, called “We Are Already Dead.” With a sound that fits somewhere between Three Cheers-era of My Chemical Romance, and early Panic! at the Disco, Observe the 93rd are well on their way to making a name for themselves. Band member Derek Henry shared, “‘We Are Already Dead’ is the intro track and sets the stage for the main theme of the album- everything has already happened and also is happening, simultaneously. The past, present, and future are all equally real, and we are already dead.” The band will be releasing their full-length record, Eternalism, on December 15th. If you’re enjoying the early listen to this great single, please consider purchasing something from their merch store here.

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Allen Ginsberg – “Don’t Grow Old” (Song Premiere)

Allen Ginsberg

Today is a great day to share the news that Allen Ginsberg has returned with a new single called “Don’t Grow Old.” The newly reissued double album of The Lion For Real is available starting today. With equal parts spoken word, jazz, rock, and ambient, this beautiful record was originally produced by Hal Willner, and features musicians like Mark Bingham, Bill Frisell, Kramer, Arto Lindsay, Marc Ribot. I was also able to catch up with one of the collaborators, Kramer, for a brief interview below.

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Brad Stank – “I Belong To You” (Song Premiere)

Brad Stank

Today is a great day to share the new, jazzy single from Brad Stank called “I Belong To You.” On this quick song that tugs on all the right heartstrings, Stank displays a rich confidence not usually seen in the music scene. He shared:

A short but sweet song influenced heavily by the Love Unlimited band. Rhythmically kinda awkward and drunken, expressing how it can feel sometimes to be vulnerable to somebody. The title is pretty Gospel-esque but lyrically quite romantic, towing that line again. Lydia Kitto on the gorgeous backing vocals. Really doubling down on the romantic vibes here, and one of my favorite songs on the record.

I was also able to catch up with Brad for a brief interview below.

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Hollow River – “Self Esteem (Everyone’s Leaving)” (Song Premiere)

Hollow River

Today I’m excited to bring everyone an early listen to punk rapper, Hollow River, and his fulfilling, and vibrant new single called “Self Esteem (Everyone’s Leaving).” This artist shared:

The intro is a recording of a message I got from an old friend who had dreams of being a rapper ever since he was a teenager. He took it particularly hard when I started to pursue my music career full time, and even harder when I found success with rap myself. Instead of being happy for me he sent me aggressive messages that kept escalating with anger to the point where I had to cut them off. I had to remind myself that someone who couldn’t be happy about me pursuing my dream wasn’t a real friend and I was better off without them. Musically it’s really fun -like a release after a period of stress with some awesome drums parts!

The single comes from Hollow River’s EP, We’re Going To Be Ok, which officially drops today.

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Diamond States – “While You Were Sleeping” (Song Premiere)

Diamond States

Today is a great day to introduce everyone to the power pop band known as Diamond States. While some have classified their sound as “American Britpop,” this band features a nice blend of Alternative Rock, dream pop, and indie rock in a package that is sure to leave you feeling better about the prospects for new music today. “While You Were Sleeping” is a tribute to the band’s guitarist Bryan Frazier’s late friend, Rob Fisher, who passed away in 2016. As Frazier puts it, “‘While You Were Sleeping’ is sort of a one-sided conversation with Rob. Just imagining that he’s still out there somewhere, and that we’ll meet again someday.” The single was mixed by veteran producer/engineer Brian Reeves (U2, Sparks, Rooney), and sounds as heavenly as its likely intended to be.

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Endearments – “Selfish” (Song Premiere)


Today I’m thrilled to bring everyone the latest taste of Endearments, called “Selfish.” Though Endearments’ new forthcoming EP, It Can Be Like This, largely pivots away from the angstier subject matter of the band’s earlier releases, the onset of new love nonetheless yields its own unexpected ambivalence. The band’s latest single, “Selfish,” cuts celebration with caution, as front-man Kevin Marksson grapples with what he calls, “the liminal space before anyone has said ‘I love you,’” where excitement is laced with fragility and the past still looms. Carried by drummer Will Haywood Smith’s steady groove and guitarist Anjali Nair’s staccato-picked leads, “Selfish” builds to a rapturous bridge — “Would it hurt me if you say you love me?” — that explodes with a gust of Nair’s distorted guitar. The EP’s emotional core, “Selfish” climaxes in a falsetto final chorus, with moments of intimate candor criss-crossing questions of readiness to love again. If you’re enjoying the latest single by this talented band, please consider pre-ordering the EP at their Bandcamp page.

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Matt Costa – “The Golden Ghost” (Song Premiere)

Matt Costa

Today is a great day to share the latest single from indie singer-songwriter, Matt Costa, called “The Golden Ghost.” On this textured, western folk song, Costa channels rich musical landscapes similar to Bon Iver and The Decemberists. Speaking on the track, Costa said,Golden Ghost is a song that I wrote after meeting a long lost relative. I started writing it in the morning, took an eight hour drive through the mojave desert, and came home late that same night to complete the song. I felt strange that an Imagined reality can be more powerful than an actual one. I recorded it in the golden state of California. If you’re enjoying the latest single, please consider supporting this artist here. I was also able to catch up with Matt for a brief interview below.

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Great Good Fine Ok – “Will We Make It?” (Song Premiere)

Great Good Fine OK

Today I’m ecstatic to share with everyone the news that Great Good Fine Ok has returned with an electric-charged new single, “Will We Make It?” The band has recently signed to the label Nettwerk and will be releasing their next EP in early-2024. “Will We Make It?” showcases a revitalized soundscape of Great Good Fine Ok, blending warbling vocals with bass-y synths that are sure to entice listeners. The track features hypnotic high register gliding over a bridge that sets the stage for lead singer Jon Sandler’s emotionally charged plea, I really need to know right now, will we make it?” This lyrical exclamation delves into the uncertainty that often accompanies today’s complex world of relationships and connections with a relatable perspective. In 2022, the guys traded Brooklyn for Los Angeles. Adding more live instrumentation and pulling inspirations from “seventies jazz-rock” and R&B, they are channeling Steely Dan, Prince, and other influences. The band also shared:

A couples therapist once told my partner and me that if ‘you’re confused to halt action’ We became paralyzed by uncertainty obeying this advice. You can get so far into a downward spiral that you forget how you even got there – wish you could rewind and ‘analyze the video.’ You can yell ‘I really need to know right now, will we make it,’ but there’s no one who can really answer that question, and you can never know for sure anyway. One thing is certain though: life is just a string of days and if you’re unhappy for a lot of them, you might want to make a change.

If you’re enjoying the early listen to the new single, you can pre-save it here.

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Salamander – “The Label” (Song Premiere)


Today I’m excited to introduce everyone to experimental indie band, Salamander, and their latest single called “The Label.” Their debut LP, [Container], will be released later on this month and this third single from the set showcases an artist willing to take calculated risks on a distorted shoegaze track that expands upon the possibilities of the band. Band member Leo Frampton shared:

I woke up one morning with the melody to the label in my head, and immediately made a guitar demo on my computer. PJ’s ableton beat on this really gives me chills. I have a verse about loneliness and alienation, PJ later sings about surviving the apocalypse, and in an emotional ending, we bring it all together. ‘the label’ is what people see from the outside, it is what they choose to look at or away from.

I was also able to catch up with this band for a brief interview below.

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Population II – “Pourquoi qu’on dort pas” (Song Premiere)

Population II

Today I’m excited to bring everyone the latest single from three-piece rock band, Population II, called “Pourquoi qu’on dort pas.” On this electric new track, the band delivers a heavy, psychedelic rock-infused sound with feverish funk rhythms, a hint of jazz philosophy, a burst of early punk energy, and a love of minor scales that harkens back to the roots of heavy metal. I was able to catch up with the band for a brief interview below.

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Adam Lytle – “Seeds of Joy” (Song Premiere)

Seeds of Joy

Today I’m so excited to share with everyone the latest single from singer-songwriter, Adam Lytle, called “Seeds of Joy.” On this third single from his upcoming LP, This is the Fire, out everywhere music is sold on October 20th, Lytle channels the best parts of darker pop with a voice as powerful as Leonard Cohen and Brian Fallon. When discussing the origins of the latest song, Lytle shared:

In the fall of 2021, my friend Eva (Nighttime) had asked me to record some piano on her song “Keeper is The Heart.” While working out my part for that song, I stumbled on the melody that would become the centerpiece of “Seeds of Joy. I worked on the song for a year after. Filling notebooks with free-written lyrics. Extracting a line here and a word there; combining seemingly disconnected fragments into a mosaic that felt reflective of life’s complexity. The recording features an “ocean of strings” arranged by Trey Pollard that offers a gorgeous perspective on the lyrics while Ryan Jewell’s drums give the song wings. Jonathan Schenke brought it all together in the mix; making additional arrangement decisions that emphasize the surrealistic journey.

If you’re enjoying the early listen to the track, please consider pre-ordering This is the Fire here.

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Decant – “Passing” (Song Premiere)


Today is a great day to share the latest single from dark pop band, Decant, called “Passing.” The single is a captivating and emotionally-charged track that delves into the intricate interplay between love’s turmoil and the struggles arising from substance use. With its hauntingly beautiful intro, dark electronic beat, and elevating chorus, the song encapsulates heavy emotions within its melodies and lyrics. Lead vocalist Freddie Bytheway shared, “The name speaks to the passing of life, but also the feeling of passing for what you are not. It is about how existence is contradiction. I remember as a kid often hearing the expression, a blessing in disguise, I was fascinated by the relationship between what we experience and how we interpret it. For me this song is about addiction and how love can be as addictive as any drug.” The band also collectively dedicated the single to, “the life and legacy of Corey Budke, and all of those we have lost too soon.” If you’re enjoying the early listen to this incredibly moving new track, you can pre-save it here.

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Juniper Honey – “Another Morning” (Song Premiere)

Juniper Honey

Today is a great day to share the newest single from California indie rock band, Juniper Honey, called “Another Morning.” The track uses top-notch lyricism paired with energetic instrumentals to highlight the deeply-intimate connection that unites and exhausts us all. With a laid-back blend of sounds that reflect the essence of the Central Coast, slacker rock scene, the single offers a musical escape for anyone seeking solace and resonance. Juniper Honey is Jake Hesse (lead vocals, guitar), Donovan Hess (drums), Cason LeSueur (guitar) and Josh West (bass), and their band chemistry pays off on electric songs like this. Hesse shared, I wrote this song when I was feeling overworked and stressed with thoughts of what I was going to do with my life. This song feels very near and dear to me, not only am I proud of where it has landed as a song, but it is one of the first songs that I truly feel has pointed me toward a songwriting direction that I am really excited for.” If you’re enjoying the latest single from Juniper Honey, you can pre-save the single here.

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