Old The Academy Is… Demo Shows Up on Spotify

The Academy Is

Adam Siska of The Academy Is… shared on Twitter his memories of the band’s demo “Sodium” after it became available on Spotify last week:

An old TAI demo has resurfaced on Spotify, and many people think it’s a new song. I vaguely remember the demo, but frankly it stinks and I don’t like it, and I promise that if we were ever to put out new music, it would have to be much better than that!

Adam Siska of The Academy Is… Reflects on the Band’s Career

The Academy Is

Adam Siska of The Academy Is… is on the latest episode of the Emo Social Podcast. He talks about the break-up of the band and a “lost” album of unreleased songs. Rachel Campbell summarized the discussion for Alt Press:

“To be honest with you, there is a record that never came out,” Siska says. “I don’t know if I would call it a whole record, but there’s songs there. In a weird way, I think when we were doing that record in 2010, it was ahead of its time. I remember management being like, ‘There’s not really a lot of guitar here. You guys are a guitar band.’”

“It was a big sports moment,” he says. “Our manager called us, and he’s like, ‘That’s what you guys need. You need an unexpected onside kick. You gotta do something really different this time,’ so we did. We added a keyboard player and went for this different sound, and the label didn’t like it. The management didn’t like it, and then we broke up.”

Interview: William Beckett and Frank Zummo (Video Interview)

William Beckett

I had the opportunity to interview a few people at Emo Nite Baltimore last Saturday.

First up is Frank Zummo, drummer of the legendary band Sum 41, and he talks about inspiring young people through the “Drum Tour,” meshing genres in his set at Emo Nite, and new music from Sum 41.

I also spoke with William Beckett, formerly of The Academy Is…, and he talks about his band’s legacy in emo, making new music, and crushing on The Cure.

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Interview: William Beckett of The Academy Is…

The Academy Is

I recently spoke with William Beckett. The Academy Is… have recently just gotten back together for RIOT Fest and are now ready to kick off their Ten Year Anniversary tour of Almost Here.

Was coming together for RIOT Fest the only reason the band started to talk again, or was it something that was in the back of your mind?

Well; RIOT Fest was always a bucket list goal being from the Chicago area. It’s potentially our favorite festival and I’m not sure if our band was cool enough to get it in the past. But the offer came up and we all got on the phone; Adam, Mike, and I, and we discussed it. The consensus was we really want to do this for the right reasons. Our tour with Jack’s Mannequin, we cancelled and that was not the ideal circumstance. When the RIOT Fest email came in we talked it over and always wanted to, it was like a festival in Chicago, where were celebrating Almost Here ten year anniversary and it just felt right.

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Review: The Academy Is… – From the Carpet EP

The Academy Is - From the Carpet EP

Over the past year, The Academy Is… has sold over 100k of their Fueled By Ramen debut, Almost Here, have toured with the likes of Fall Out Boy and Midtown, have headlined their own nationwide tour, and have been embraced by TRL and 15 year old girls everywhere. They have boarded the “buzz” train and are on their way to a major label deal, so to keep the buzz pulsating and to satisfy fans (old and new alike), they have released a 6 track EP titled From The Carpet, exclusive only to iTunes. Now while I strongly disagree with this “digital only” crap, The Academy Is… (vocalist Will Beckett, guitarists Mike Carden and Tom Conrad, bassist Adam Siska, and drummer Andy Mrotek) do not disappoint with this EP. With 2 new acoustic songs, one John Lennon cover, and 3 new versions of favorites from the debut, this EP is definitely a must-have for all TAI fans.

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Review: The Academy Is … – Almost Here

The Academy Is… - Almost Here

Everyone knows that I have been a huge Bill Beckett (lead singer / ex-Remember Maine) fan for years. We also all know that I am a sucker for clever lyrics, fast-paced beats, and catchy choruses, right? So, is it that hard to assume that I am going to be in love with the amalgam of the two? You are going to get exactly that — pure-unadulterated-love.

I will start out my forthcoming review by saying: if you are only judging this band by their first EP, throw out your preconceptions and don’t assume you know a fucking thing about this band. The album is an intelligent mix of pop, folk, and rock – all mixed together with the soothing vocals and lyrical styling of one of the most talented front-men in the scene. The hype has been bleeding from this band since the moment they were conceived (yah, I know I didn’t help much with that one), and I was always afraid that when the band finally released an album they would never be able to live up to the expectations of others (and of those I put upon them). After pushing play for the first time on this disc, I knew that I had underestimated the band from the get go – they were not only deserving of all the hype – they proceeded to construct an album that is a huge middle finger to all the critics. They took the stereotypes that their first EP had brought from critics, turned them on their head, and created an album full of uniqueness and originality that can only be seen as a testament to commitment.

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