Review: The Aces – Under My Influence

The Aces - Under My Influence

On their sophomore record, Under My Influence, The Aces have fully come to terms with who they are as people as well as artists. Led by the trio of singles such as “Daydream,” “My Phone is Trying To Kill Me,” and “Kelly,” The Aces have rounded out their sound that they introduced to the world on their debut, When My Heart Felt Volcanic. As great as their debut LP was, their second record feels more authentic, raw, and present. The most noticeable difference between this record and their debut is their improved songwriting. Also, in recent interviews, the band mentioned their conscious effort to embrace who they truly are by using the proper pronouns in the lyrics to describe their relationships. “Having not used pronouns, I don’t know if we could have gone as deep and personal on this record as we did. That is really just the truth,” Cristal Ramirez remarks. “It was this obvious thing that had to go hand in hand. To get more personal, you have to get more specific and actually bare your soul. Those were the stories of our life. We were dating women, and I was having a lot of different relationships start and end. It had to happen to make this album.” What we are left with is The Aces most honest artistic statement to date.

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Review: The Aces – When My Heart Felt Volcanic

The Aces - When My Heart Felt Volcanic

Debut albums are typically a fun listen since the old adage goes, “You have your entire life to write your first album,” and The AcesWhen My Heart Felt Volcanic is no exception. The all-female group from Provo, Utah is composed of singer/guitarist Cristal Ramirez, her sister/drummer Alisa Ramirez, bassist McKenna Petty, and guitarist Katie Henderson. The Aces core strength relies on vibrant pop hooks and phenomenal guitar work. Their debut single “Stuck” has already been streamed well over 2 million times, and the band continues to build off their momentum with recent tours with the likes of COIN and X Ambassadors.

When My Heart Felt Volcanic is a shimmering debut, perfect for the beginning of Spring, and all of the good vibes that come along with better weather. Their sound on this album can be best described as a mixture between The 1975-esque guitars, and the well thought out hooks similar to HAIM and Paramore. The album starts off with “Volcanic Love” and helps set the tone for the majority of the song structures and concepts found throughout the LP. The aforementioned single, “Stuck” has a bouncy beat throughout and a memorable sing-a-long chorus. Singer, Cristal Ramirez, shines throughout their debut single and showcases an impressive vocal range and style.

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