Review: Third Eye Blind – Out Of The Vein

Third Eye Blind found themselves at a bit of a crossroads when the time came to write the follow-up to two successful records: their stunning self-titled LP and Blue. Longtime guitarist/songwriter, Kevin Cadogan, was replaced with Tony Fredianelli and Out of the Vein would be the second album in a row without an outside producer. The band’s chemistry somehow didn’t suffer on this album that most 3EB fans rank very highly when looking back on the full breadth of the band’s discography. The album was recorded at their own Mourning Wood Studios in San Francisco, and Stephan Jenkins admitted that nearly 40 songs were written during the pre-production sessions that would become their third LP. Originally called Crystal Baller, but scrapped because everyone outside of Jenkins hated the name, Out of the Vein would solidify the band as one of the premiere acts in Alternative Rock history. The record was supposed to be released in early 2002, but the mounting pressure to live up to the legacy left behind on their first two albums led to several lyric re-writes. Ultimately, these growing pains worked out in the band’s favor creatively, even as their label (Elektra Records) imploded right as Third Eye Blind would release the record. Out of the Vein may not have the sheen of Blue, or the bulletproof legacy of their self-titled debut, but it still features several great Third Eye Blind songs that have stood the test of time.

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Third Eye Blind Launch Nail Polish Line

Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind have announced a new nail polish collaboration:

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of their self-titled debut, Third Eye Blind and Smith & Cult have collaborated on a line inspired by songs from the album. Some of our most iconic shades have been renamed Jumper, London, God of Wine, Semi-Charmed, and The Background.

A portion of the proceeds from “Jumper” will benefit True Colors United, in efforts to combat homelessness in LGBTQ youth. “Their mission goes to the core of “Jumper’s” simple message,” says Stephan Jenkins. “That no one should be stigmatized for who they are.  We have more understanding to give than we sometimes show.”

Review: Third Eye Blind – Blue

Third Eye Blind - Blue

Coming off the success of the multi-platinum, debut self-titled album, Third Eye Blind could have gone in several different directions. Would they crash and burn like many of their 90’s peers hitmakers that stormed onto the scene of the height of the music industry, or would they embrace the pressure and deliver a noteworthy record? Plenty has already been written about the drama and in-fighting that went on during the writing and production of their sophomore album, Blue. Yet, I’m going to focus on the music itself which by all points of merit is still pretty damn good even at 20 years of age. The album’s themes are filled with relatable concepts, ranging everywhere from teen pregnancy (“10 Days Late”), physical abuse (“Wounded”), to gushing feelings of love (“Deep Inside Of You”).

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