Review: Twenty One Pilots – Scaled and Icy

On the sixth studio album from Twenty One Pilots, the band literally could have gone in any direction that they pleased. Their run of ultra-successful records started with Vessel, exploded with Blurryface, and maintained high interest in Trench. On the latest album, Scaled and Icy, the band conquers complex themes like anxiety and self-doubt while still maintaining an optimistic outlook that things can and will get better. The material found on this album is largely upbeat, even when the weight of the lyrics allow the listener to reconsider everything that they just heard. In many ways, Scaled and Icy is the album that best represents the sound that their label Fueled By Ramen so successful over the past two decades. This album features elements of label alums like fun., Paramore, Fall Out Boy, and the modern glow of the recently signed Meet Me @ the Altar. By packaging so much raw emotion into this album that consistently delivers more than it misses, Twenty One Pilots have made yet another massive record perfect for summer and finding the light at the end of the tunnel out of this pandemic.

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Review: Twenty One Pilots – Trench


Twenty One Pilots are out for world domination, as is made entirely evident on Trench, the fifth full-length LP from the dynamic duo from Columbus, Ohio. From the first gripping notes on “Jumpsuit,” it’s clear that Twenty One Pilots are calling the masses to join them in their quest for being the biggest band in the world. The fact that this album is outstanding shouldn’t stand in the way of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun from accomplishing their goal.

Having previously heard the outstanding production of the singles such as “Levitate,” “Nico and the Niners,” and the aforementioned “Jumpsuit,” I had the inclination that Twenty One Pilots would continue to raise the bar on the already-lofty expectations for the artist. Holy hell, they pulled it off.

The first thing that stood out to me while listening to this comprehensive 14-track set is how damn good the production is throughout. Trench was produced by Tyler Joseph and Paul Meany (Mutemath), and they both hit a home run on this one. I was blown away by their other collaborative work, the EP TOP x MM, that was released for free back in December 2016, that featured several “reimagined” versions of songs from Blurryface as well as the brilliant single, “Heathens.” This continued collaboration is paying significant dividends for Twenty One Pilots as they continue to strive for a more organic sounding type of album that shines brightly.

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Review: Twenty One Pilots – Jumpsuit/Nico and the Niners

Twenty One Pilots - Trench

After months of teasing brief, unexplainable, clues about when new music would be coming from the ultra-popular group, Twenty One Pilots just casually dropped two great songs in “Jumpsuit” and “Nico and the Niners.” These two blazing tracks come from the upcoming album, entitled Trench, due out on October 5th.

Starting with the lead single, “Jumpsuit,” this dynamic duo have evolved their sound a bit from the multi-platinum certified Blurryface LP, while still keeping the core elements of what makes them who they are on this song. The song starts off with a faint alarm sound, and the trademark drumming of Josh Dun, signaling a call to arms as Tyler Joseph sings, “I can’t believe how much I hate/Pressures of a new place for my weight/Jumpsuit, jumpsuit cover me.” It’s almost as if the two artists know just how much pressure is on them to produce a significant work of art for the rabid fan-base that has been clamoring for a taste of what they had cooked up in the studio.

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