Equal Vision Records Release Safe & Sound Compilation

Equal Vision Records

Equal Vision Records have released Safe & Sound: An Isolation Compilation. The compilation features re-imagined and unreleased versions of songs from Saves the Day, Armor for Sleep, I The Mighty, Sleep On It, and more. The video for Saves the Day’s “Remember/Verona/Ring Pop” (ft. Lloyd Vines) is now up, the full press release and track listing is below, and you can purchase the compilation on Bandcamp and MerchNow.

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Review: Armor for Sleep – Smile For Them

Armor for Sleep - Smile For Them

Not going to lie, it was kind of strange listening to a new Armor For Sleep record and not hearing vocalist/guitarist Ben Jorgensen sing about sleeping, dreaming, or dying. Instead of writing another concept album, Jorgensen penned lyrics about a culture that’s dependant and obsessed with celebrity news and reality television, among other social commentaries, for the band’s major label debut, Smile For Them

When the band first began the writing and recording process for Smile, they moved out to Los Angeles with a pre-arranged producer, courtesy of Sire. Unhappy with the results, the band packed up and restarted the process in their hometown and brought back Machine, who brilliantly produced their 2005 record, What To Do When You Are Dead. The end product is twelve tracks that seamlessly flow between post-hardcore and pop, resulting in what may be Armor For Sleep’s most rockin’ record to date.

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