Anti-Flag – “Fabled World” (Single Premiere)

Anti-Flag are now ten albums into their career, but there’s no shortage of ire from the current social and political climate to fuel the punk iconoclasts. This is made a evident by the first single, “Fabled World,” for which you can watch the new video in the replies. The aggressive political punk anthem appears on American Spring, which drops on May 26th via Spinefarm Records.

We went to Ukraine and Russia in the midst of their conflict and left feeling more resolute than ever regarding the core principal of Anti-Flag; the belief that average citizens of this world have similar hopes and dreams and have much more in common with each other than the politicians of their countries. 

We had a Russian shoot this footage and an American place the text. Co-directed by people who our politicians and media paint as the other, the enemy. Be it Bush, Obama, or Putin, politicians who turn to war over diplomacy are a failure to the people of their nation and the people of the world. 

This song was inspired by the failure of the Obama era. One that produced record profits for the corporate elite of America at the expense of everyone else. One that peddles the false notion that drones strikes not only keep us safe, but will bring us peace. This is an era of fables: an unjust legal system, a national surveillance state, attacks on whistler blowers, police who not only only break the law but do so with impunity, inequality at every turn. We live in an era where the American dream is more out of reach for an increasing number of young Americans, often because of the color of their skin, and more than often based on the depth of their family’s pocket book. It doesn’t have to be this way and we can change it. Kicking corporations out of our politics would be a good first step.

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