The Damned Things – “Little Darling” (Song Premiere)

By now you know that The Damned Things have a new album coming out on December 14th, right? And you’ve probably read Drew’s great review of the new album dubbed “a modern take on the classic rock record. No gimmicks, no frills, no bullshit, this is just a straight up rock and roll takeover.” And you may have even heard a song or two from the band’s myspace. But you haven’t heard “Little Darling” yet. Now you can. Check the replies for the world premiere song stream and a message from Keith about the song.

Message from Keith

”Little Darling” may have been the most instinctually oriented song on the record as far as the lyric writing was concerned. I remember when Joe and Rob and I sat down to go over possible melodies, the first line was the “example” we gave as to the vocal cadence of the verse. I remember saying “ok, so something that SOUNDS like ‘little darling'” and went to the drawing board. After nothing really felt right, I realized that those two words were perfect from the beginning. It set the tone for the entire rest of the song which is essentially just a letter of apology for being so absent from certain peoples lives.

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