Interview: Suck Brick Kid

Suck Brick Kid

Recently I was able to catch up with a talented pop-punk band called Suck Brick Kid to discuss everything that went into the writing of their new album, The End Is What I Want. Out on May 17 via Smartpunk Records, the new record will have you laughing, crying, and reflecting on all of those nostalgia-tinged memories we experience. With a slick pop-punk sound, Suck Brick Kid would be perfect for fans of Set Your Goals, Sum 41, Four Year Strong, and Blink-182.

Let’s first discuss your new single and video for “What I Do When I Blackout Is None of My Business.” Where did the title come from, and what was it like shooting this music video?

Every song on this record is inspired by dive-bar bathroom graffiti that we found during a few of our boozy misadventures. We would then write the lyrics from the perspective of the person who left that mark. Shooting the music video was a breeze – our buddy Joey Durango is an incredibly talented videographer/director/editor, and all around cool dude! Also shout-out to the laundromat that let us use their spot to sing about “pissing our pants” for 9hrs.

I believe you have toured with established bands like Unwritten Law, Palisades, Set Your Goals, among others. What lessons did you learn from watching them play their live shows that you’ve put back into your own sets?

Correct! I think the perspective you gain when playing alongside acts of different sizes and styles is priceless. We have all been around the block and toured in various acts before so nothing massive comes to mind but I think the biggest thing is watching how these artists engage with the crowd. Obviously they rip their set and songs as we all expect but I think there are some golden nuggets that we have been fortunate to experience that we will adopt into our performance in one way or another. 

I understand your new album will be coming out this May! Can you explain what fans of your band can expect to hear on the new LP?

That is right! On May 17th The End Is What I Want will be released into the wild via Smartpunk Records. Our fans can expect not only another addition to our conceptual saga we have been cultivating the past few releases but also a brand new flavor of creativity and absurdity that we explored heavily on this record. Definitely go through and read the lyrics while listening…we did not hold back. 

Your new record, The End Is What I Want, is a blast of punk rock energy paired with great storytelling. What are some reasons why new listeners should take a chance on the new album?

What do you have to lose? Do you want to hear another song “about the girl”? Take a trip with us through the minds of those who find solace in scatological graffiti. I guarantee that no other band you are listening to is doing or saying what we are (probably for good reason lol) but regardless – if you want nostalgic skatepunk with a modern twist + clever and colorful lyrics delivered with the utmost anger and aggression then you’ve come to the right place!