Forgotten Free Time (Encore Episode 131)

Encore 131

This week’s episode of Encore has us discussing what we think is the best way to “roll out” an album. What should bands do to maximize the hype and avoid being too overexposed? We also tackle the idea of “free time” and what it means to us as we get a little older. How do we decide what to do with those precious few hours and decide between playing video games, listening to podcasts, or reading a book? The answer is never easy. We also touch a little on Thomas seeing Blink-182 and The Menzingers’ live, new music from Jimmy Eat World, Every Time I Die, and American Football, and I guess college football is coming back and people are excited.

Also, we have released another bonus episode for supporters where we discuss our top three breakfast foods. Supporters can find that in the supporter forum.


A Day to Remember: The new album Bad Vibrations is now available on ADTR Records and distributed by Epitaph Records. The album was produced by Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore. Pick it up today!

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Show Notes

  • Pre-show: We are recording early. College football is coming soon! Thomas will be doing some traveling. New supporter episode coming your way as well. Thomas saw blink-182 and The Menzingers in the same week but only had to stand up at one of them.
  • Follow-up: Did we try any apps to keep up with shows coming near us? Did we watch the end of the Olympics?
  • Listener questions: Something about Tom Delonge. Also, what do successful album rollouts look like in our eyes?
  • In the news: New songs from… Every Time I Die, also Jimmy Eat World, also American Football. American Football!!!
  • Big topic this week: How do you choose what to spend your free time on? What do you spend your free time on? In terms of consumption — reading books, reading articles, listening to podcasts or music or audio books, comic books, video games, TV and movies, etc etc. Is there any “pressure” in what you choose to spend your time on with a full-time job / generally busy lifestyle, etc. Do you “abandon” things?
  • JT Recommends: How to Dress Well
  • TN Recommends: SB Nation’s college football preview magazine, The Solid Verbal, Last Chance U on Netflix.


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