The Helltones – “Don’t Waste My Time” (Song Premiere)

Today is a great day to share the new single from Oakland garage rock band, The Helltones, called “Don’t Waste My Time.” Much like the title implies, The Helltones get right down to the business at hand with a spiraling, nearly five-minute song that takes listeners on a thrilling ride. Primary songwriter Darwin Siegaldoud shared:

I co-wrote ‘Don’t Waste My Time’ with Victoria, the singer/organ player. She came up with the concept, and wanted to write a song about having her time wasted by an indecisive lover. As we’ve performed it, it’s taken on a wider meaning to me. We’re constantly having our time wasted by advertisers, scammers, or people who just don’t know what they want. This song is hers, and our message to those people.

The Helltones might just be the next most interesting band to take the music scene by storm.