Against Me! Will Perform in North Carolina as a Form of Protest

Tasneem Nashrulla, writing for Buzzfeed, spoke with Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! about the band’s choice to play a concert in North Carolina next month in light of the state’s ridiculous new “bathroom law.”

“Bryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen aren’t transgender,” Grace said. “For them to say, ‘I think this bill is messed up and I’m not going to go here and be part of the state,’ that seems like the effort of an ally, which is really commendable.”

But Grace said that the transgender people who live in North Carolina don’t have the option to boycott the state. “They live here. They pay taxes. They are prisoners to it.” While Grace acknowledged that someone like Springsteen canceling his concert brought a lot of attention to the issue, she said, “no one would care if we canceled.”

Adam Lazzara Produces New Modern Chemistry EP

Adam Lazzara, of Taking Back Sunday, has produced the new Modern Chemistry EP, Dreaming Adjacent. The EP will be out May 7th and the full press release is below.

These days I feel I have seen a lot bands just expect things to happen for them,” he continues. “Things like the image and idea of being in a band getting to record music and perform on stage has become more important than the actual work it takes to make those things happen. Modern Chemistry is not that band. They are so hard-working and treated every decision, no matter how small, with great care. I’m very proud that they were gracious enough to let me into the process.

A Forum Tribute to Motion City Soundtrack

Motion City Soundtrack

One of my favorite things about the forums is watching talented and motivated people come together to make awesome things. Today I’m excited to feature the latest in the “member compilation” series that has been taking shape in our music forum — a tribute to Motion City Soundtrack. Below you’ll find a stream of the 17-track cover album all dedicated to the awesomeness that is, that was (insert sad face), Motion City Soundtrack.