Mark Hoppus Talks With Maxim

Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 talked with Maxim:

Originally, we were going to go back in and touch up some of the songs we hadn’t finished. We originally were going to have three to five songs on the deluxe, then we got into the studio and thought we could write some more songs. We ended up writing a bunch more so there 11 total on it. They’re all songs we love, it’s really a double-album.

Let’s Do It Live (Encore Episode 146)

Thomas Nassiff returns to the show to talk about live albums and when and where we think they work. We talk about our favorites, live bootlegs, and wonder why more bands don’t release more live material. We also talk about March Madness, having birthdays, the other Encore podcast, the other Chorus logo, home automation, books about tech companies, and all our usual stuff.

The New Twitter @-Replies Suck

Sarah Jeong, writing for Motherboard:

Twitter has rolled out its new @-replies to me about three or four times now, ambushing me with its unspeakable badness on the iPhone app or web Twitter. Today it rolled out for everyone and it makes me want to throw all my devices at a wall.

Thank god for Tweetbot, because this is horrible.


The Hood Internet Release New Mixtape

The Hood Internet have released their 10th annual mixtape:

It’s now 2017 and here we are with The Mixtape Volume Ten, aaaand wait. What’s with the subtitle— Best of The Hood Internet— is this some sort of greatest hits album from, uh, a website that DJs? Really? Yes. It is exactly that. Much like the first mixtape was a best-of everything we’d made to that point, this ten-year retrospective is 50 of our best blends (blends! there’s another synonym for you) from the catalog that we’ve willed into existence over the last decade. Listen to it, enjoy it or hate it, and together let’s all mourn the ten-year anniversary of the death of mashups. Launch Personalized App Icons on iOS 10.3

Sarah Perez, writing for TechCrunch:

The At Bat and NHL iOS applications have been updated today to take advantage of one of the new, but still under-the-radar features available in the just-launched version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 10.3: personalized home screen icons. That’s right — you now can replace either of these apps’ default icon with one featuring your favorite team’s logo instead.