The Best of 2012

The Best of 2012

Well, 2012 was an interesting year.

But now it’s come to a close and I have to figure out how to rank everything from the past year and get a list together. I’ve been procrastinating on this one for a while, but, alas – here we go … in reverse order.


Review: The Menzingers – On the Impossible Past

The Menzingers - On The Impossible Past

This review was originally published on on June 5th, 2011. It’s been ported to exactly as it existed the day it was published.

I’ve been having a horrible time
Pulling myself together.
I’ve been closing my eyes to find
The old familiar failures.
I’ve been closing my eyes to find
Why all good things should fall apart.

So begins The Menzingersʼ latest record, the sweeping, driven, masterful On the Impossible Past. Those lyrics come from the opening (and essentially introductory) “Good Things,” a short song that starts calm before the guitars and vocals tumble into an avalanche of power. As we have come to expect from the band, which is following the phenomenal Chamberlain Waits, anthemic sing-alongs provide a vessel for thought-provoking lyrics.