Arctic Monkeys
Who the Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys?

Arctic Monkeys - Who the Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys?

With every major music publication and their momma jumping on the bandwagon, it’s pretty easy for some of us to hate the Arctic Monkeys. Overrated and hype are two words that come hand in hand with this band these days, and with their debut album, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not selling like hotcakes overseas and here in the United States, it’s not hard to fall into this mindset. But I’m here to advise not to. Not only is their debut album something special, their follow-up EP, Who The Fuck Are The Arctic Monkeys, follows in the same vein of smart, aggressive indie rock. 

The EP begins with the same opening track of the LP, “The View From The Afternoon,” which starts fast and finishes faster, and is a great opener here as it is on the LP. “Cigarette Smoker Fiona” follows with a guitar line that chugs and drums that bash as Alex Turner’s thick vocals take control. “Dispair In The Departure Lounge” is a slow, echoing track that’s great to chill out to. “No Buses” starts with a simple, relaxing riff and is a mild, bouncy track that picks up at the end with a constant pounding on the drums. The final track, “Who The Fuck Are The Arctic Monkeys?,” begins with a bass line that grooves and more high guitar tones. At 3:17, the song takes on a slight dark tone thanks to Andy Nicholson’s bass and Turner’s vocals. The end of this song is the storm taking over the sunshine of the beginning, making it the standout track on this EP. 

With this EP, the Arctic Monkeys bring a more relaxed sound to the table, and while I prefer the aggresive sound from the LP, this EP shows the versatility of the Arctic Monkeys. If you enjoy the LP, then you will enjoy Who The Fuck Are The Arctic Monkeys, but your only problem will be trying to locate a copy. Only available in the UK or the iTunes music store, your best bet for an actual retail copy will be to order it online. But take it from me, it is worth it either way you acquire it, as the Arctic Monkeys are showing us all that their fifteen minutes of fame aren’t up, but instead going into overtime. Don’t miss out on the hottest band of 2006, and get your hands on the LP and this EP.