Beautiful Machines
“Baum Baum”

The latest single from electronica band Beautiful Machines comes from their upcoming full-length record Singularity and is called “Baum Baum.” The word “baum” translates to tree and symbolizes finding new life/purpose in this crazy world we live in. The band mentioned, “During WWII, German military transmitted encoded messages with a device called an Enigma machine, which was said to have a code impossible to break. At the same time, the story of Babel explains the origins of the multiplicity of languages. Today, people live in these thought bubbles, finding digital tribes that support and reinforce whatever we think and believe, creating information silos. So, dialogue, in some sense, between people with differing opinions is becoming scarcer, which can ultimately lead to complete breakdown in communication, disinformation and programmed behavior – perhaps even war if we aren’t careful.” With a sound that strays somewhere between the heavy synths of NIN and the pop sensibilities of Tokio Hotel, Beautiful Machines could very well be your next favorite band in the electronica genre.

The song starts off with dripping, heavy synths that set the scene for a soundtrack ripped straight from Blade Runner. The duo is comprised of Stefanie Ku and Conrad Schuman, and Schuman’s transcendent vocals lift the song to new heights throughout. What Beautiful Machines do really well on this song is create a sonic musical landscape that allows them to tell their message of hope and never let the heavier synths outweigh the outlook for better days ahead. The harmonies between Ku and Schuman on the chorus are especially powerful and beautiful as they allow their voices to navigate the listeners towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

There’s plenty to love on Beautiful Machine’s new single, and I’m excited to hear the rest of the material that makes up their new record called Singularity. This is another band to keep a close eye on as they continue to expand upon rich lyrical themes paired with great-sounding electronic-based music.