Out of Service
“Folk 1”

On the latest offering from emo rock band Out of Service, called simply “Folk 1,” the band highlights a different side of themselves. The track features soft-spoken vocals from Mike Capuano, over a campfire-styled acoustic guitar layered with some banjo too. The single unfolds well at the two-minute mark as the band comes to a crescendo while adding in some vocal harmonies to complement Capuano’s delivery. The track comes from the yet-to-be-announced new record that Out of Service have been working on that approaches the emo genre in a unique way. The guitar tones added by Teebs Williams mesh well off of the cymbal crashes by Ken Bond, while Brian McGovern adds in some contextual rhythm on the bass line. If you’ve been looking forward to Out of Service experimenting with a more rustic sound, “Folk 1” should be a welcome discovery to add to your latest playlist.