“Paper Flowers”

PHNTMS - "Paper Flowers"

I’m thrilled to introduce everyone to PHNTMS, a great female-fronted pop-rock band from Philadelphia, PA that seems poised for breakout success. Their latest single, “Paper Flowers,” is a bombastic blast of alternative rock with a pop polish that is ready for radio dominance. The band has opened for huge bands like Kings of Leon, The 1975, and Bastille, and it’s clearly evident of why these bands would chose PHNTMS to get their crowds ready for a great night. Their yet to be announced EP should only further solidify the direction the band is going for on this great-sounding song.

The song opens with a fairly simplistic, yet catchy guitar riff that allows for their lead vocalist to gradually explode into the pre-chorus and eventual chorus that takes the listener to the heavens. Their dynamic lead vocalist has a crisp, clean voice that reminds me of the grit of PVRIS with a bit of the pop sheen of Kelly Clarkson. The guitarist and bassist perfectly complement her voice, while the guitar solo mid-song further cements the staying power of the single. All told, this is one of the better blasts of pop rock to come out in this dark period of our country’s history.

Maybe PHNTMS are the band we need to bring to the forefront of the discussion on “artists to watch” as this year rounds out to a close. With such a great sound and a unique blend of pop and rock elements in the mix, this band is ready to take the next giant leap into the mainstream.