Run River North
Creatures In Your Head

Run River North - Creatures In Your Head

The third studio album from Run River North is an eclectic mix of songs that range from the stylings of similar Alt Rock bands such as Foster The People, JR JR, and Glass Animals. This latest record, Creatures In Your Head, will be independently released tomorrow and features some of their most unique songs to date. The band is comprised of Alex Hwang, Daniel Chae, and Sally Kang, and their band chemistry is undeniable. This breezy set of 10 songs is filled with interesting compositions that are sure to stick in your mind for days to come.

Run River North has slowly been teasing the songs in this set, and the benefit of being an independent artist is that you can release the music as you see fit. The LP opens with the title track, and it’s a nice mix of dreamy guitars and spaced out vocals. The song makes for a great introduction to the latest chapter in this band’s discography. The song itself reminded me of a mix between the casual vocal style of JR JR and the dreamy guitars of Beach House. “Spiders” follows the solid opener with an acoustic-guitar driven track that gradually builds momentum into the chorus. What the band does particularly well on this song is to include interesting sounds that mix together for a pleasing listening experience.

”Pretty Lies” picks up the pace slightly from the first two songs, and features some looped drums and other samples to build off of the style set from the opening tracks. My favorite track comes in the form of “Lonely Weather,” that starts off with a near-rapped introduction that makes way for a great melodic chorus. The song is about getting through the dreary parts of life, and the band remains optimistic that things will eventually be okay.

Other songs that peaked my interest on subsequent spins of the record are the fast-paced “Funhouse” and the in the 80’s disco vibes of the album closer “Weight.” The hook on “Weight” is drenched in synths that allow for Hwang’s vocals to soar over the melodic chorus and for his bandmates to rally around his every word. Both of these songs really capture the potential this band has for making a stamp on the music scene. With the right type of push, we could be hearing Run River North being mentioned more often not when speaking of the “next big thing.”