Yawn Mower
“Stagnant Lake”

The latest single from NJ indie rock/punk band, Yawn Mower, is a tasty slab of guitar-heavy rock that showcases the band’s ability to mix in hip-hop elements, paired with crisp pop sensibilities to make themselves stand out from the pack. The band’s core lineup is comprised of Mike Chick and Biff Swenson, while they have some key contributions from others on their debut LP, called To Each Their Own Coat, and their unique style of fuzzy, doom pop plays off pretty well on songs like this. Yawn Mower will be performing at this year’s Sea.Hear.Now. festival in their hometown of Asbury Park, NJ with other marquee bands like Foo Fighters, The Killers, Weezer, and more.

The single, called “Stagnant Lake” features fuzzed-out guitars that embrace the hip-hop elements in the verses, while still leaving room for creativity in their musical delivery. The second verse of, “Ideas in the cannon for years / Got bullets that are ready to shoot / Went fishing in a stagnant lake / Found a tire, a bike and a boot,” explore lyrical wordplay to tie in to the track’s title. What the band does best on this particular single is to hone in on their musical chemistry while allowing the song to breathe a bit in the closing moments with an extended guitar solo. This is just a small taste of the possibilities Yawn Mower can take their music to in the future.