Sponsor: My (Giant) Thanks to MxPx

MxPx - Worries

My thanks to MxPx for sponsoring the website these past few weeks. They recently released the new song “Worries,” and it’s out now on all digital platforms. There is also a video for the song and some limited merchandise in their webstore.

As many of you know, my first website was a MxPx/Blink–182 fan-page. When this whole pandemic started, MxPx reached out to me to see how I was doing and wanted to sponsor the website for multiple weeks knowing how crazy the online ad market and the economy were acting. It was an incredible gesture, and so I want to give my personal pitch: Check out “Worries” and if you’ve never dived into the band’s discography before, this weekend is a perfect time to do it. I fell in love with Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo as a kid, and if you’re looking for pop-punk perfection, they have an incredible catalog to experience. There’s never a wrong time to discover great bands, and this is a great band, full of great people.

Also, Mike Herrera will be doing weekly livestreams every Friday on the MxPx Facebook page throughout all of May. Make sure you check that out each week at 6pm PT.