Sponsor: ‘The Futile’ Now in Stores

The Futile

Dane Johns has released his new novel, The Futile, which one reader described as “Hunger Games on the Warped Tour.” The pitch is simple:

In a near future world, where critics of the authoritarian leader are imprisoned and media has become a state sponsored tool for repression, one young punk rock band goes on the road to start a revolution with their music. Written with plenty of humor and heart, The Futile is ultimately a book about how people have the power to change themselves—and the world—even in the darkest of times.

The author is a long time punk and and emo music and the book is filled with various references to bands like Colour Revolt, Foxing, Now, Now, mewithoutYou, Pussy Riot, The Copyrights, and many more. You can order the book here, and make sure you check out the author’s website to get a free zine and various buttons/stickers made for the release.

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