The Killers

The Killers

Dave Keuning No Longer Touring With The Killers

The Killers News reports on an upcoming Q Magazine interview which announces that The Killers’ Dave Keuning will no longer be touring with the band:

Like many fans who woke up this morning to scans of the ‘Q’ magazine interview floating around in various Killers communities, I am heartbroken to hear the rumors that had churned over the past several months of Dave Keuning seeking an arrangement simliar to Mark Stoermer’s had turned out to be true.

The Killers Talk With Noisey

The Killers sat down with Noisey to talk about the current state of rock music and their new album:

Do you think a band like yours could gain similar traction in the present day?

“It could happen — but there hasn’t been anybody good enough. If there was a band like the Strokes, or Interpol, people would talk. [Points outside to Brooklyn] If there were some kids out there right now playing [Interpol’s] ‘Obstacle 1’ tonight, I would hear about it, you would hear about it. But there isn’t.”

Yeah, I don’t think that’s it.

The Killers Talk With Rolling Stone

The Killers sat down to talk with Rolling Stone about their new album:

Overall, Flowers feels like he made progress on one major front. “I put more of an effort to be more personal on this record,” Flowers says. To open up, the 36-year-old reflected on turning 21 for the tongue-in-cheek lyrics to “The Man” (“I was doing things that I thought maybe a man should do, but I was still just a kid,” he says), he tapped into the vulnerability he felt as a child in 1990 watching Buster Douglas knock out then-undefeated Mike Tyson and realizing “nothing lasts forever” (the soaring “Tyson vs. Douglas”) and he sang words of support to his wife, who suffers complex PTSD stemming from childhood traumas (the atmospheric “Some Kind of Love”). “It’s really emotional,” he says of the last tune. “I played that for her, and she just sobbed.”


The Killers Talk With Entertainment Weekly

The Killers sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about their new album, Wonderful Wonderful:

While the band was trying to push their sound forward, they also started looking back. In the fall of 2016, they celebrated the 10th anniversary of their second album, Sam’s Town, with a pair of shows. “Playing those gigs, I realized how cohesive an idea [Sam’s Town] was,” Flowers says. “That reminded us that we really want to make a record here, not just slap a bunch of songs together…. I think we’ve done it again on this album. It’s the closest thing we’ve done to Sam’s Town.”