Machine Gun Kelly Releases Deluxe Album

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly has released a deluxe version of Tickets to My Downfall to all streaming platforms. It features six new songs, including “Body Bag” featuring Yungblud and Bert from The Used. The song was inspired by Fall Out Boy’s “Dance, Dance” and the band approved the clearance.

Sidenote: I think what’s been interesting about this album is to see the homages, or some may say pop-punk clichés, being repurposed in a modern way. To my ears there’s a whole lot in this album that I’ve heard before, from Good Charlotte, to Blink, to Fall Out Boy, but it finds just enough of a way to feel new. I don’t think any of the aforementioned bands could have gotten away with it. There’s no expectations. When Blink-182 releases a new album everyone has an idea of what they want it to sound like, but this is free of those and therefore allowed to stand on its own. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that it works far more than it doesn’t. “Forget Me Too” is a hit.

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