Interview: Los Saints

Los Saints

Recently I was able to catch up with lead vocalist, Angel Marshal, of the Latin-infused alternative rock band called Los Saints. In this interview, I asked him about the band’s core influences that they put into their new EP called Welcome To Confusion, how the band does the majority of their songwriting, as well as a fun question about the albums that shaped who Los Saints are as musicians.

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Review: Our Lady Peace – Gravity

The creative circumstances surrounding Our Lady Peace and their fifth studio album, Gravity, were tumultuous to say the least. Longtime guitarist Mike Turner was having creative differences with lead singer and band leader Raine Maida, and although he appears on nearly half of the songs on this record, Turner would eventually be replaced by Steve Mazur by the time the album was released. Maida was quoted in interviews by saying, “I don’t know if Mike was born to be a guitar player. The studio was a tough place for him and we were working too hard to make up for it – we felt like we were cheating ourselves. Four albums is way too fucking long to put up with that. I’m sure he’ll do great things, just not with six-stringed instruments.” Out of this conflict, however, would come some of the band’s best material since their landmark Clumsy record. Gravity was front-loaded with superb singles like “Somewhere Out There,” where the lyrics in the chorus inspired the record title, and crowd favorite, “Innocent.” By the time the promotional cycle had ended, Gravity would go on to sell over half a million copies in the U.S. alone.

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Katrina Ford – “I’m Found” (Video Premiere)

Katrina Ford

Today I’m thrilled to share the latest music video from Katrina Ford, a great singer and songwriter who will be releasing her debut solo and self-titled EP this Friday via Violin Films. For those unfamiliar with the artist, Ford channels the creativity of Fiona Apple paired with the earnest hooks of Purity Ring into a package that feels refreshing and unique at the same time. On this single called “I’m Found,” she shared, “”Home in my heart at last! This song was written as one thought over the course of a few hours, later the details fell into place. It’s about finally feeling safe in your heart. Feeling a connection to Creator. After much adversity and a long hard few years, we finally felt like we had found level.” I was also able to catch up with Katrina Ford for a quick chat about her music.

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