TikTok Is Helping Make Pop-Punk a Thing Again

Tik Tok

Aliya Chaudhry, writing at Consequence:

But there’s another major factor bringing pop-punk back, and it’s causing a lot of change in the music industry. TikTok has been revitalizing hits from the 2000s and 2010s – many of them scene staples like 3OH!3’s “DONTTRUSTME”, Paramore’s “All I Wanted”, and All Time Low’s “Dear Maria, Count Me In”. It’s also bolstered newer songs, like “I Miss Having Sex but at Least I Don’t Want to Die Anymore” by pop-punk-adjacent band Waterparks, who didn’t even release the track as a single (and have subsequently signed to hip-hop label 300 Entertainment). YUNGBLUD, whose work combines elements of pop and punk with other genres, frequently collaborates with Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker, and his song “parents” went viral on TikTok earlier this year.

Next level: When TikTok can get all those pop-punk bands that should have been huge back in the day a viral hit. Come on, let’s see some Lucky Boys Confusion dance move videos.

Facebook Bans Honest Signal Ads on Instagram


Shoshana Wodinsky, writing at Gizmodo:

A series of Instagram ads run by the privacy-positive platform Signal got the messaging app booted from the former’s ad platform, according to a blog post Signal published on Tuesday. The ads were meant to show users the bevy of data that Instagram and its parent company Facebook collects on users, by… targeting those users using Instagram’s own adtech tools. 

The actual idea behind the ad campaign is pretty simple. Because Instagram and Facebook share the same ad platform, any data that gets hoovered up while you’re scrolling your Insta or Facebook feeds gets fed into the same cesspool of data, which can be used to target you on either platform later.

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Descendents Announce New Album; Stream New Song


The Descendents will release 9th and Walnut on July 23rd. Today they’ve shared the new song “Baby Doncha Know” and talked to Rolling Stone about the upcoming release:

The resulting album — which spans more than 40 years, from songwriting through recording, mixing, and release — is a sort of Descendents prequel that finally lets us hear the band in its most stripped-down and innocent form. And, aside from the four-and-a-half–minute Fat EP, it will stand as the only other Descendents release ever to feature the Aukerman/Navetta/Lombardo/Stevenson lineup that recorded Milo Goes to College.

“During this Covid time, it’s a good place to put this album out and let people enjoy it and have a little fun with it, and then we go back to our regularly scheduled programming, so to speak,” Stevenson says with a laugh.

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