First Impressions: New Found Glory – Radiosurgery

Honestly the first impression I get of Radiosurgery (which I promise I will type “Radiosugary” a hundred times in the next few months) is that it reminds me of Self-Titled. I think that may be the production/mixing coming through — but I hear it in the song writing a little bit as well. I think the single’s the weak link and “Summer Fling, Don’t Mean a Thing” the highlight (the hook is what pop-punk should be). At this point these guys are as close to a sure thing as I can think of in the genre. They are exactly what they are, they do it damn well, and that’s all there is to it. There will always be a soft spot in my heart for this band, I’ve been listening to them for fricking years, and they’re one of a handful of bands yonder that I still love to listen to — and have massive amounts of respect for. With all the band drama these days, all the bands breaking up and changing members and throwing hissy fits … these guys are a model to emulate.

”What did you say as I walked out the door, awooaooh, did you want me back?”

Can’t get that damn chorus out of my head.

Hi Joe.

The Damned Things – “Little Darling” (Song Premiere)

The Damned Things

By now you know that The Damned Things have a new album coming out on December 14th, right? And you’ve probably read Drew’s great review of the new album dubbed “a modern take on the classic rock record. No gimmicks, no frills, no bullshit, this is just a straight up rock and roll takeover.” And you may have even heard a song or two from the band’s myspace. But you haven’t heard “Little Darling” yet. Now you can. Check the replies for the world premiere song stream and a message from Keith about the song.

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Review: Manchester Orchestra – Mean Everything to Nothing

Manchester Orchestra - Mean Everything to Nothing

Quick note to the rest of the albums coming out this year: The bar has just been set.

Over the years there have been a select group of artists that have become so well respected within our community that they have reached almost hallowed ground. Their recordings are considered by some as the pinnacle achievement of what our little music scene can create. These bands top many “all time favorite” lists – and even years later their influence and replayablity dominate the eardrums. I’d like to present to you the next candidate for admission: Manchester Orchestra.

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First Impressions: New Found Glory – Not Without a Fight

The new New Found Glory is an interesting album. It sounds a lot like their self titled album, a more raw production with straight to the point – in your face – pop-punk. If anything, it reminds me of when I first listened to Less Than Jake’s GNVFLA album. It’s an album that is a “return to form” from a band I loved in high-school, basically sounding like it would have if released when I was in high-school. So it’s a strange feeling – it’s very nostalgic, but at the same time I definitely enjoy the album. I would recommend it to any pop-punk fan – especially a NFG fan. There’s no reason it shouldn’t be in your collection.

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Review: The Starting Line – Direction

The Starting Line - Direction

This summer reads like a pop fan’s wet-dream.

We find July bringing the trifecta of “must-own” summer albums to a close. For those who lean toward the pop persuasion, The Starting Line will come as a fitting end to a two week burst of purchases that is sure to include multiple trips to the record store in search of Yellowcard and MxPx. This gives you two full weeks to play both of the aforementioned albums – because once you’ve purchased Direction, it’s unlikely to leave your stereo for quite some time.

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