Audio Karate – ‘¡OTRA!’ (Album Premiere)

Audio Karate

Today I’m really excited to bring everyone an exclusive early listen of the new Audio Karate album called ¡OTRA!. The set of songs was produced by Bill Stevenson (The Descendents) and Trever Keith (Face to Face), and it includes rare and unreleased music from the band in a career-spanning set. Jason Camacho shared this about the new record:

While working with Mike Jimenez on the remixes and such on Malo, there were three songs (“Care Carelessly,” “Black Covering,” and “Lovely Residence”) that didn’t fit and that we were generous with overdubs, which was something we did not want for Malo. We had “Do You Miss Meaning Everything to Me” from Space Camp that never saw the light of day, and “Segway,” a Lady Melody outtake that never was released. Seemed fitting to put it out, sort of a like The Smiths Louder than Bombs…not really an album but an album never the less and an essential listen for fans. ¡OTRA! is essential listening for AK fans in my humble opinion, and something that I like quite well.

If you’re enjoying the early album stream, please consider pre-ordering the record here.