Calmgrove – “True Color” (Album Stream)


Today I’m thrilled to bring everyone an early listen to the new EP from LA pop-punk band, Calmgrove, called True Color. On this electric set of songs, Calmgrove channel their love for big pop hooks paired with alternative rock elements in a crowd-pleasing package. The band shared, “We’re so excited to be premiering our EP True Color with Chorus.FM. True Color is several years in the making and we feel like it’s the best collection of music that we have put out. The main things that make up the Calmgrove sound, like palm-muted riffs, catchy vocals, and energetic drums are still present, but we pushed ourselves creatively with these songs. These songs are meant to be played loud, so go for a drive and blast it with the windows down. We hope you enjoy it and we’ll see you at a show this summer!” If you’re enjoying the EP, you can purchase it wherever you stream your music on June 16th.

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FRANKIIE – “Between Dreams” (Album Stream)


Today I’m thrilled to share with everyone the latest full-length record from indie pop band, FRANKIIE, called Between Dreams. The album was just released this past Friday, and it showcases the band’s growth that nails the vibe of dream-pop, and breathtaking vocal harmonies on their sophomore set. If you’re enjoying what you hear, please consider purchasing the LP here. I was also able to catch up with the band for a brief interview below.

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Bedroom – “Thread” (Album Stream)


Today is a great day to share the new LP from indie folk artist, Bedroom, called Thread. From the mind of Noah Kittinger, Thread is a stunning portrait of self-exploration, as this artist aims to find his place in life after a tumultuous period both in his personal life and artistry. “This record is the result of many years of dedication to the craft and to continuing this career, of me being pretty creatively lost for a long time and then finding my new self in music that I was searching for,” says Kittinger. “It’s a testament to independent artistry. [Bedroom] isn’t an industry-designed project. ‘Thread’ is a very organic body of work that is the result of many years of just pushing.” If you’re ready to discover your next favorite artist, Bedroom invites you in.

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Ghost Love – “Mourners Disco” (Album Stream)

Ghost Love

Today I’m excited to share with everyone a listen to the new LP from synth-pop trio, Ghost Love, called Mourners Disco. On this 80’s-inspired LP, Ghost Love channel their adoration for haunting synths, breathtaking vocals, and unique beats for a great listening experience. David Rancourt shared:

As band members we all love the tension between writing simple pop songs, but including more left field and more free form influences as well – which I think is what defines Ghost Love in terms of songwriting.Thematically, it is a dark record about loss and grief but there’s also a sort of ecstatic and escapist mood that combines with that darkness where we also wanted that tension to shine through. My own personal favorite albums tend to straddle those lines in terms of pop and experimentation as well as light and dark emotionally.

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Occurrence – “Slow Violence” (Album Stream)


Today is a great day to share the latest LP from electronic band Occurrence, called Slow Violence. On this expansive double album from the NYC-based band, it tackles themes from the blissful feeling of love all the way to lowest of lows of failure. Occurrence is Ken Urban (electronics, synths & beats), Cat Hollyer (vocals, flute) and Johnny Hager (vocals), and the album is out everywhere music is sold today.

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Todd Morse – “Time Stopper” (Album Stream)

Todd Morse

Today I’m thrilled to share with everyone the new EP from Todd Morse called Time Stopper. This release will be on legendary label Manic Kat Records, and features some great songs from Morse tinged with punk, pop, and a plethora of anthemic moments. Morse shared, “Signing with Manic Kat has inspired me to become more prolific which is what I needed. I try to live in the moment as much as possible these days but I do want to leave a musical legacy. Sometimes you have those moments in life where it feels like time stops and I live for that. Songs can hit you that way. I hope I create that moment for someone.” Todd Morse may have just crafted the next great punk record.

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The Clamor – ‘The Clamor’ (Album Stream)

The Clamor

Today is a great day to share the self-titled debut LP from The Clamor, that comes from the mind of Aaron Louis. This new punk rock project channels musicians like Joe Strummer and Billie Joe Armstrong into a crowd-pleasing package. Louis shared this about the record:

The album is not me trying to recreate that atmosphere but a place to begin where I left off. Even if that just means having fun – like not being too precious, finding ways to be vulnerable, and embracing the collision of styles, all of which I hope you feel in this album. I like this moment in my life and feel like this album was a way to create a sort of sonic snapshot of what I’ve been thinking about and what’s important to me. And thinking of how fast it goes.

Get ready to fall in love with The Clamor.

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Mothlights – “Walking The World With A Leaky Umbrella” (Album Stream)


Today is a great day to share the latest album from Mothlights called Walking the World With A Leaky Umbrella. Mothlights come from the mind of Rishi Gupta, who also owns the label Strawberry Moon Records. This DC-based artist would be perfect for fans of Julien Baker and Low. Gupta shared:

More than once was a guitar take on this record interrupted by the sound of an armored police vehicle rolling past my window in mid 2020, and more than once did I give up recording a vocal take after yet another news buzz on my phone left me exhausted. I feel like we all feel it, seeing it on our screens, before our eyes and in the way it’s affecting our personal behaviors. Rising global fascism, rising tides: we’re in the end stage now. I’m still reckoning with the fact that we will never get the pre-COVID world back and how this new world was born from that one. Being terminally stuck in my 700 sq ft apartment for two years in downtown DC amidst all of that was pretty rough as I was writing and recording this album, so I retreated heavily into fantasy. Almost all of the songs are informed by what was going on around me contextually but set in this surreal other place I had retreated to. I tried to let the quarantine, the Floyd uprising, the loss and declining health of loved ones and the wave of reaction bleed into this completely hypothetical folk music from some place I made up in my head.

Welcome to the world of Mothlights.

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Belted Sweater – “Requiem” (Song Premiere)

Belted Sweater

Today is a great day to share the new single from indie synth/punk band Belted Sweater, called “Requiem.” For those unfamiliar with Belted Sweater, it is the indie solo project of Christopher Patrick Gregory, who largely builds his songs on this record around percussion elements. Gregory shared:

The first Killing Joke album is one of my favorite records. The energy of the opening track, “Requiem,” is so infectious, especially for a half time feel, I air drum and shout along every time I hear it. Revisiting the album during the pandemic, I wanted to try and cover it. I had never covered a song solo before, so it was an interesting challenge, but I still get the same feeling playing it as I do listening to it.

If you’re enjoying the early listen of the single, please consider purchasing the EP here.

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The Co Founder – Gymnasium (Album Stream)

The Co Founder

Today I’m excited to bring everyone a stream of the recently reissued LP by The Co Founder, called Gymnasium. The reissue of Gymnasium, previously released in 2018 on Slang Church, features two live acoustic versions of the singles from the record that were recorded and released by Slang Church via their Brunch Tunes sessions. The band will also be recording new music next month with producer Jordan Krimston (Oso Oso, The Obsessives, Weatherbox). I was able to catch up with songwriter Hayden Eller for an exclusive track-by-track look at this reissue. If you’re enjoying the LP, please consider purchasing it here.

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Youth In A Roman Field – ‘Get Caught Trying’ (Album Stream)

Youth In A Roman Field

Today is a great day to share the new album from Youth In A Roman Field, called Get Caught Trying. Youth In A Roman Field is led by Claire Wellin, the violinist and vocalist of Brooklyn’s indie rock band, San Fermin. On her latest offering, entitled Get Caught Trying, Wellin channels sweeping instrumentation backed with breathtaking vocals in crowd-pleasing arrangements. Wellin shared:

“I’ve struggled with depression and anger my entire life (grappling with it led to our band name) but it’s been really difficult to identify what anger is mine and what does not belong to me. It became necessary to figure that out over the last six years, and create a path for living with instead of against it. What began as an exercise in self-soothing culminated in my exploring generational patterns and trauma, and the anger that accompanies it, as a thread between myself and the women who came before me. Get Caught Trying is an attempt to make sense of that, while opening up time & space for enjoyment, humor, and healing in the process.”

If you’ve been looking for the next great artist to put on your radar, look no further than Youth In A Roman Field.

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Kit Major – Vampire Saturday (Album Stream)

Kit Major

Today is a great day to introduce everyone to Kit Major, a great pop artist in the same vein as Poppy and Avril Lavigne, who has graciously agreed to share her new EP Vampire Saturday early with our audience. This debut EP will be released everywhere music is sold on November 9th. Kit Major shared:

Vampire Saturday is the first EP project I’ve put out.  I wanted to wait until I had a story to tell. This is the story of my twenty-something experience. Through love, heartbreak, and self reflection comes rock ‘n roll. This EP is self-reflective, like most of my music. It’s intimate, edgy, rowdy, and angsty. It’s also nostalgic for my own young days, my late teens, earliest 20s. That time in your life when you’re desperate to finish growing up and become the person you are destined to be.

If you’ve been looking for that next great artist that checks all of the boxes of awesomeness, look no further than Kit Major.

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Partygirl – ‘Partygirl’ EP (Album Stream)


Today is a great day to showcase the latest EP from indie-rock band, Partygirl. On this self-titled EP, the band are able to tackle the themes of surviving and finding their independence. The band’s founders, Pagona Kytzidis and Colby Lamson-Gordon shared:

The EP is about a reclamation of self, particularly in the context of confusing, disorienting, and/or violent intimate experiences. We were inspired by trying to find clarity in the wake of specific distressing experiences and as people navigating an absurd and terrifying world. This EP seeks to connect listeners with the band as we all search for and find healing. Our sonic influences draw upon the experimental structures, inventive musical textures, and confessional lyrics of Mitski, St Vincent, and Fiona Apple.

The self-titled EP makes its debut on streaming services tomorrow, but we’re here to bring you an exclusive early listen below. Also, the band has an EP release show coming to Brooklyn this Sunday.

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Calling Cadence – ‘Acoustic Session Vol. 1’ EP (Album Stream)

Calling Cadence

Today is the perfect day to share the latest offering of music from Calling Cadence, with their Acoustic Session Vol. 1 EP. This LA-based band are following up their debut, self-titled EP with this collection of acoustic songs to further showcase their songwriting chops. The band is comprised of Rae Cole and Oscar Bugarin, who shared this about the acoustic record:

Getting into the acoustic versions of the songs, was really taking it back to how the songs began. Three part harmony and 12 string (I didn’t have much money, sold all my guitars except the old 12 string to get by). We used to work these songs by performing live around LA, and I used to bang on the guitar like a drum to fill it out, which is an indigenous technique, when they took away their drums. It’s in my blood, and embedded in these songs. This time we had Thomas on bass, and it felt a little more complete in the acoustic incarnation.

If you’re enjoying the early listen, the record will be available for purchase starting tomorrow.

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J. Graves – “Fortress of Fun” (Album Stream)

J. Graves

Today is a great day to share the brand new album from post-punk trio, J. Graves, a day early called Fortress of Fun. The band would be perfect for fans of artists like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sleater-Kinney, and Interpol. The band is clearly excited for everyone to hear what they cooked up:

Say it: “Fortress of Fun is here.” Fortress of Fun is here – it’s surreal, unreal, and a little hard to believe. Maybe it’s just another dimension of our story, a different choice, and somewhere I’m actually still chanting “Fortress of Fun is coming!” This time last year J. Graves and our amazing, talented family of artists, film makers, musicians, stunt people, and loved ones were at the Oregon coast filming the music videos that would make FOF’s choose your own adventure visuals. It was this time last year we all donned the cursed chain-mail, faced our deepest fears, only to break its nefarious spell with love, acceptance, and a whole lot of help from our friends. And FOF has been just that – support from our loved ones and from the talented folks who played integral parts in bringing this adventure to life. Fortress of Fun IS here, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

If you’re enjoying the early album stream, please consider purchasing the album starting tomorrow.

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