Brad Stank – “I Belong To You” (Song Premiere)

Brad Stank

Today is a great day to share the new, jazzy single from Brad Stank called “I Belong To You.” On this quick song that tugs on all the right heartstrings, Stank displays a rich confidence not usually seen in the music scene. He shared:

A short but sweet song influenced heavily by the Love Unlimited band. Rhythmically kinda awkward and drunken, expressing how it can feel sometimes to be vulnerable to somebody. The title is pretty Gospel-esque but lyrically quite romantic, towing that line again. Lydia Kitto on the gorgeous backing vocals. Really doubling down on the romantic vibes here, and one of my favorite songs on the record.

I was also able to catch up with Brad for a brief interview below.

”I Belong To You” comes in at a relatively short run time of just over two minutes, is there any particular reason you decided to keep the track concise?

It just felt right! It’s important to not force more of a song for me, if I feel like I’ve said what I wanted to say with it. On the LP, it also is the start of the second side, and leads into Natty Wine quite nicely, it made sense to keep it short and sweet.

Love is a common theme throughout your music, and this track is no exception — What does romance mean to Brad Stank?

Yeah!! My favorite music has always been love songs of all kinds, so I guess that has influenced my direction a lot. Love songs are a good way to escape from the wider world, they’re universal, and it’s important to me to put good and loving vibes into the myriad of the music world.

This is a song about being vulnerable with a lover. Do you have any advice for people out there who struggle with that?

It can be hard, and scary! But I would say that you have to be vulnerable sometimes for love to bloom, to really find something that can flourish and make you happy – light that candle and see what happens baby.