Caicos + Lojii – “Subsequent Footprint” (Video Premiere)

Today is a great day to share the latest single/video from indie-pop artist, Caicos, called “Subsequent Footprint.” The track features a great collaboration from Philly rapper, Lojii, and makes an immediate impact on the music scene. The single comes from the forthcoming LP Ascension Intention, that will be released everywhere music is sold on September 15th. I was also able to catch up with Caicos for a brief interview below.

How did you and Lojii end up collaborating on this track?

Lojii and I are long-time friends and have collaborated on several projects in the past. When I was first writing and recording this song, the prevalent feeling that I had was that his aesthetic would simultaneously juxtapose and complement the vibe that was beginning to take shape. So, I subsequently reached out to him to see if he would contribute a verse, and I’m grateful that he agreed to do so.

The title of your upcoming album is Ascension Intention, what does that name mean to you?

To me, everyone has some sort of ambition in life. The album interrogates the narrator as well as the listener about the motives that drive those ambitions.

The majority of the album was recorded solo in your home studio, how did that change your artistic process?

Even before the pandemic, I always enjoyed recording at my home studio, so my recording process didn’t change much. However,the collaborative process with the other artists that appear on this album asked everyone to immerse themselves into the songs that much more, since they were working remotely. The mediums which we used to communicate our ideas this time around inherently made the process take longer but ultimately benefited the album.