Calling Cadence – ‘Acoustic Session Vol. 1’ EP (Album Stream)

Calling Cadence

Today is the perfect day to share the latest offering of music from Calling Cadence, with their Acoustic Session Vol. 1 EP. This LA-based band are following up their debut, self-titled EP with this collection of acoustic songs to further showcase their songwriting chops. The band is comprised of Rae Cole and Oscar Bugarin, who shared this about the acoustic record:

Getting into the acoustic versions of the songs, was really taking it back to how the songs began. Three part harmony and 12 string (I didn’t have much money, sold all my guitars except the old 12 string to get by). We used to work these songs by performing live around LA, and I used to bang on the guitar like a drum to fill it out, which is an indigenous technique, when they took away their drums. It’s in my blood, and embedded in these songs. This time we had Thomas on bass, and it felt a little more complete in the acoustic incarnation.

If you’re enjoying the early listen, the record will be available for purchase starting tomorrow.