Great Good Fine Ok – “Will We Make It?” (Song Premiere)

Today I’m ecstatic to share with everyone the news that Great Good Fine Ok has returned with an electric-charged new single, “Will We Make It?” The band has recently signed to the label Nettwerk and will be releasing their next EP in early-2024. “Will We Make It?” showcases a revitalized soundscape of Great Good Fine Ok, blending warbling vocals with bass-y synths that are sure to entice listeners. The track features hypnotic high register gliding over a bridge that sets the stage for lead singer Jon Sandler’s emotionally charged plea, I really need to know right now, will we make it?” This lyrical exclamation delves into the uncertainty that often accompanies today’s complex world of relationships and connections with a relatable perspective. In 2022, the guys traded Brooklyn for Los Angeles. Adding more live instrumentation and pulling inspirations from “seventies jazz-rock” and R&B, they are channeling Steely Dan, Prince, and other influences. The band also shared:

A couples therapist once told my partner and me that if ‘you’re confused to halt action’ We became paralyzed by uncertainty obeying this advice. You can get so far into a downward spiral that you forget how you even got there – wish you could rewind and ‘analyze the video.’ You can yell ‘I really need to know right now, will we make it,’ but there’s no one who can really answer that question, and you can never know for sure anyway. One thing is certain though: life is just a string of days and if you’re unhappy for a lot of them, you might want to make a change.

If you’re enjoying the early listen to the new single, you can pre-save it here.