Interview: The Jungle Giants

The Jungle Giants

Recently I was able to catch up with Australia’s The Jungle Giants before they embarked on a tour of the United States. The band released their latest record called Love Signs last year, which features the popular single called “Heavy Hearted.” In this interview, I asked the band about their core influences and some of the surprises they have in store for this tour.

Thank you for your time today. I understand your band released a new album last year called Love Signs. Based on this past year, what are you most proud of with this current record?

It’s been so nice watching people enjoying Love Signs. For me it was a whole new process, from the writing all the way up to the production. I think I’m most proud of how deep I dove in and how positive I was with myself through the whole process. I think people can hear the love, time and attention that went into the record. It’s been really encouraging for me.

You guys are gearing up for a comprehensive US tour. Which of your new songs are you most excited to play live for these audiences?

I’m really pumped to play “Love Signs,” and I’ve got a feeling that one will connect here. But to be honest I can’t wait to watch how every song from the album connects. You never really know, so I’ll be up there starin’.

Your single “Heavy Hearted” was incredibly successful. Why do you think that song in particular connected with so many people?

I think that bass for sure. I’d worked on the sound for a while, was going for something super percussive but melodic at the same time. Plus it’s got a pretty clear bounce which hips cannot deny.

What did each of you do during the pandemic to stay focused on your music?

I wrote and recorded Love Signs pretty much entirely from my house during Melbourne’s first lockdown, so luckily I had heaps to keep my mind busy.

What are some of your core influences you bring into The Jungle Giants?

My influences change all the time, but while I was writing Love Signs I was listening to a fair bit of Ashanti (haha). I wonder if people will notice it. Maybe Monstertruck has a bit of the airbnb vibe.

Who are some artists you feel should be getting more recognition than they are?

There’s a crazy good band from Queensland called King Stingray that I’ve been loving. They are starting to get a fair bit of attention but it’ll keep growing for sure.

You guys are from Australia, which has a nice music scene. What do you think is the most difficult part of trying to break through in the states?

I mean it’s a really far way to travel, definitely costs us a lot every time to we come, but we are dedicated and luckily the music connects over in the states. For me it just feels like a matter of time.

The Jungle Giants Live:

October 24 /// Hollywood Theatre /// Vancouver, BC
October 25 /// Madame Lou’s /// Seattle, WA
October 26 /// Star Theater /// Portland, OR
October 28 /// Bimbo’s 365 Club /// San Francisco, CA
October 29 /// El Rey Theatre /// Los Angeles, CA
October 31 /// Urban Lounge /// Salt Lake City, UT
November 1 /// Marquis Theater /// Denver, CO
November 3 /// Slowdown /// Omaha, NE
November 4 /// Turf Club /// St. Paul, MN
November 5 /// Bottom Lounge /// Chicago, IL
November 7 /// Axis Club /// Toronto, ON
November 8 /// Bar Le Ritz /// Montreal, QC
November 9 /// The Sinclair /// Boston, MA
November 10 /// MilkBoy /// Philadelphia, PA
November 12 /// Warsaw /// Brooklyn, NY
November 13 /// Black Cat /// Washington, DC
November 15 /// Aisle 5 /// Atlanta, GA
November 17 /// The Parish /// Austin, TX
November 18 /// Tulips /// Fort Worth, TX