Interview: World’s First Cinema

World's First Cinema

Recently I was able to schedule an interview with Los Angeles-based duo, John Sinclair and Fil Thorpe, who go by the name of World’s First Cinema. In this interview, I asked them about the style of their music, how they do most of their songwriting, and their plans for touring. World’s First Cinema fit well in the realm of the theatrics of Panic! at the Disco, paired with the hooks of Motion City Soundtrack, but they really have a style that needs to be heard to get the full experience.

Thank you for your time today! How does your band’s name, World’s First Cinema, match the aesthetic and overall feel of your music?

From the very start, we wanted to make a project that fit right alongside our favorite movie scores and cinematic moments in film. World’s First Cinema captures that sense of grandiosity and theatrics perfectly. The moment Fil suggested it as a name it’s all I could imagine us being called.

Can you tell me what went into the writing/recording process for “Palm Reader”?

”Palm Reader” started as the simple piano line you hear in the first few bars – but it just exploded after that. Now it has a special little piece of everything we do – sweeping cinematics, violin leading on the chorus, and huge production on the drops. The intent was to create something unique and fantastical, and draw the listener into another world.

How would you describe your relationship with Fearless Records, and what drew you to signing with the label?

Fearless has been absolutely fantastic in helping us realize our vision. There’s a very specific flavor to this project, and we have some really off-the-wall directions we want to take it in. Not only has Fearless recognized that, but they’ve been a step ahead of us in making it happen. That marks a unique strength for a record label to possess, and was a huge draw for us when signing. 

How do you two approach songwriting? What do you feel is each band member’s strength?

Fil and I do everything ourselves in the studio, and so over time we’ve worked out a system of writing and producing that fits together like a little jigsaw puzzle. Put simply, I usually start with a raw idea, and Fil shapes it into a complete form. We both produce and we both write, but our strengths and weaknesses in these areas balance out to form a complete picture. 

Are there any plans to take these songs on tour? And if so, who will you be touring with?

We’re actively booking touring right now and can’t say too much – but we’re extremely excited to take this project back out on the road. That’s truly where it thrives.

What do you hope listeners will ultimately take away from listening to your band?

We just want listeners to be swept away to another world. That’s what movies and film scores do for us, and that’s exactly what we want to give to our audience.